31 August 2007

House Hunting with Carianne

Hey ya'll...

Today was such a blessing...I texted Carianne last night (Dan's girlfriend...I met her the first weekend I was here in Biloxi--from Saturday night Bible Study)

to see when she would be here...seems that she'd arrive last night...and today she would be driving around aimlessly looking for an apartment...so I told her I was free and would be totally down for hanging out with her.

Anyway, we had some good times today. We went to check out one place...and it was in the "sketto" as Carianne calls it. It means it's not quite ghetto, it's sort of ghetto...so it's "sketto". That was the first one. Then...we happened to run into another apartment complex...

Then we drove around and saw some other places...

Some were 3 bedroom 2.5 bath for $2000...

And there was a mobile home park...but apparently--you gotta OWN a mobile home, before you can rent there.

That's all I got for now. Time for bed...since we (Brian DeCicco) and I are going to go volunteer at the Urban Life Ministries Center-- helping make houses and stuff. Early morning...

Signing off--blessed to be love...grateful for mercy and grace.

29 August 2007


Perhaps one of the coolest things about being down here in MS is the weather. We don't get this kind of convection that produces these sweet thunderstorms (which apparently can produce lots of water--haven't seen it yet), but I have seen the lightning. Check out this pic from last night's storm...

Kim and I went to the beach today...well we tried to go swimming twice...the Triangle was closed, and then the natatorium (sp?) had a high school swim meet...so we went to lay out instead...

Check out these pics from the beach...

Interesting Palm tree....

Can you see the water... and those two black things are similar to pipes running out to the GUlf...except that Katrina ripped them up badly...so they used to run out further off the coast...and now not so much. At least...so I was told...

Ok...tell me YOU would want to touch that water?

Alrighty. CSI is about over...meaning I'm about to hit the hay (9pm comes...)

Signing off...
Tired...and grateful to be feeling a bit better than before...and for friends that call to remind me they care ;) ...

27 August 2007

ASBC Date...more time away from home

Aloha all...

Just got word today that I'll be at Maxwell AFB Alabama starting 6 January for a little over a month, returning to Hickam around the 16/17th of February.

Thus beginning my AF Career of TDYs and education...and time away from family, friends, and beautiful Hawai'i.


26 August 2007

Calvary Chapel Saturday Nights

Now that there are some pics of my classmates that I hang out with (I'll put some more up later)...I thought it'd be cool to post my Sat night peeps that have totally blessed my life with their fellowship. As normal-some were there this past Sat night, and some were gone. But here's an intro to them...

Mike Vick(left) and Dan (right).
Mike is the first person that I really had contact with here in MS other than Pastor Steve. He picked me up the first Saturday and the Bible study was at his place (pictured here). It varies where it is...but Mike is always willing to come pick me up and stuff, even with his ghetto car (pray for him and it...it won't start 75% of the time).
Dan is from northern MS and he just recently (in the last 3 months) moved down her on the direction of the Lord and in faith. He is dating this girl named Kerriann (she's a Korean girl with a southern accent) and she's in Florida. I really like her. She's coming to Biloxi to visit him this upcoming weekend, which is cool cause I'm looking forward to hanging out with her. She also will be moving up here based on blind faith...about late Sept and early Oct.

Left to Right: Brian, Kim and Lori.
Kim is the girl Kim that Pastor Steve was like, "you should hook up with her" she works on base at the hospital. She's cool. Lori has a little boy-he's pictured later on...we don't really talk a lot...but playing spoons-she was injured and taken out.

Seth and Solomon. Seth just graduated from high school and is seeking direction from the Lord. He's Danielle's brother. Solomon just went through AF Fireman training... and will be moving to Scott AFB IL in a few weeks to start as a fireman up there. He's Mike's roommate.

Nate and Jen. Nate is 31 and is CE in the AF and also works at Dominos (he's my hookup whenever we'll do a fat pizza order). I really like him, he has this deep voice like James Earl Jones and he has a cool laugh. He's always talking stories about the airmen in his shop...
Jen Jones-this was the first night that I met her...but she's cool. She has a deep southern accent and she has a nice voice.

This is Danielle. She's my age. We're looking to hang out this weekend before she goes with Seth to see her dad. She's a big spoons fan. Her and Seth took me home last night, which was really cool.

So there's my peeps. I'm missing CJ White (Chaplain's asst on base), and Jay Rush (works in the MPF). But I'll catch them laters...

We're going through a series of books from the Design for Discpleship series (Navpress) and next Saturday we'll gove over chapter 1 (the Call for Fruitful Living) from the 4th book (The Character of a Follower of Jesus). I think perhaps the study will go a little bit easier since I have a book now...and i'm not really trailing behind them.

Speaking of study...Dan (I think he has the gift of evangelism) was sharing about how he was reading in Gen 3:

22 And the LORD God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever." 23 So the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. 24 After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side F18 of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.

Now the set up is that after they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil...they sinned against God and they experienced: Shame, Guilt and Fear. Now even us, as we sin in life we experience these three things. After they sinned, God banned them from the Garden and said they would not eat from the Tree of Life. Which--would seemingly appear to be like a curse, to be a punishment-not allowing us to have it. BUT really it is God's provision. Because had we been able to eat from it, we would never die. We would live forever in this world with Shame, Guilt and Fear.

Then comes Revelation 22:

1 Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb 2 down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. 3 No longer will there be any curse. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city, and his servants will serve him. 4 They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. 5 There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign for ever and ever.

So we see that in heaven there is the tree of life...that we can partake in...that the leaves will be used to heal the nations..forever.

It reminds me that in God's timing things happen. There is a season for everything...There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven (Ecc 3:1). It reminds me that when this seems like a season of drought, or pain, or fire...THERE IS A REASON for it. Because of God's goodness...because of his provision I am able to trust him that he is in control and would never want to harm me.

mmmm. So good.

Signing off...blessed.

24 August 2007

Some Classmates

I thought perhaps some might want to get some faces with the names that I might mention in the next few months...so let's take a look at some of my classmates...

This is Kim Bracken-she's from Illinois, has been to ASBC with one of my flightmates from Field Training, and she'll start working at Shaw AFB SC. Me her and Kerrin went to church on Sunday.

This is Gary Charney. He's from...Florida I think. Or something. And he'll be off to Sembach Germany after this. He is one of the other guys that we had to run around on the first day of school, trying to get inprocessed and what not.

This is the infamous KERRIN Bullock. She's from ERAU Florida....and she'll be off to Scott AFB IL when she's done here. This is my prayer buddy...ride...partner in crime...encouragement.

This is DanMichael Coyne... also known as Mike...and he's from ERAU Florida too..and he's going to Shaw AFB SC with Kim. For the past two thursdays we've gone to Walmart together. He's been my ride. Though...I spent a lot less this week than I did last week...I actually got money back this week :) (Returned the swimsuit)

This is Amor and Brian. They're pretending to be working on a presentation. Anyway--I can't remember where they're from (they're in the other class when we break up into two groups), but Amor got married on my anniversary (6/10/07) to a dude from Waianae. We have that in common. She's going to...dang I can't remember. And Brian...yes...he's cool. Haven't hung out much.

That's all for now. I gotta shower (went to gym...minor cardio/weights workout) and get ready, we're out to the Hard Rock tonight...and Kerrin is going to swing me by the post office to see if I got something I'm waiting for...and yes. I also started my laundry...hope it finishes in time. :S

Signing off-

23 August 2007

How am I doing?

Academically, I'm doing pretty well.

Spiritually, I'm blessed to have Kerrin and the Sat night fellowship (and next Tuesday start attending a Bible Study on base).

Mentally and Emotionally, I'm spent.

If I write anymore, there's the potential that I'll rant and rave about my selfish desires and expectations and get angry and frustrated...and we should "purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God" (2 Corin 7:1). Anger and frustration probably contaminate the body....so yes..

Time for class.

Good morning.
Signing off,

20 August 2007

Nothin much new

Well, that's not completely true. Today, instead of working out for a long time and putting off studying, I started with half an hour once I got to my room after my loong day in class (short lunch breaks this week) and I told myself...I could work out for about 30 min or so...and then I'd meet up with some classmates at 1800 for food. So...here I am. Waiting for laundry to dry...and it's 2045. Ok...I should be ready for bed in 15 minutes (fat chance, laundry will take at least 30 min to dry) but...this gives me time to review my notes for my FAT exam (aka "Measurement" according to the AF) on Wednesday.

That's all. Just wanted to say Hi. Tomorrow-quiz in am, quiz after lunch. Review for test. PT-running *bring choke water* and then...study. Then Turbo Core at 1730. Shower. Change. Eat. Study. Sleep. Probably that's how it'll go tomorrow. Wednesday I'll check my mail. I don't want to check it all the time--that's how disappointment comes--expectations. I shouldn't expect anything.

Alrighty...catch ya'll laters.
Signing off, with love for the Lord and grateful for His goodness He's shown me...

19 August 2007

Reflection and Update-tion

Hello. To whomever you are that read this...because I don't really know who reads this...

Anyway. My first week of class is done...and we had 3 appraisals, and we have at least two next week with our measurement (test at the end of the block), and then we start a new block. This will be about weather. Everything up to now has been doctrine-all about the Air Force and how weather affects stuff...etc.

I think I just found a ride to the Shane & Shane concert on 17 Sep in Pascaguala. Apparently it's a little bit from here...anyway. At the door I think tickets are like $15 or something...and this is their "Pages" tour...a new CD coming out at the end of August. I'm stoked. I told my friend Mike (the one that might drive me) if he drives, I'll buy his ticket. He's flyin-I'm buyin. I might catch a ride with Ben, a classmate...but I'm not sure how sure he is he wants to go. At least Mike for sure wants to go...anyway. I'll update more as time gets closer.

More to think about would be Hurricane Dean. Though it's currently slotted to hit southern Texas and northern Mexico, there's always a chance it could swerve north and come towards LA or MS. So I've started making a hurricane preparedness kit...and then I talked to someone that was here during Katrina...he told me I wouldn't want to eat MREs for 5 days...so I should put some snacks and Capri Suns in there too. We'll see towards Tuesday and Wednesday of next week where this storm is heading.

We've had three appraisals...praise the Lord I've passed them all...and our first measurement (test) is this coming Wednesday. It should be interesting. But we basically have appraisals every day. So I have one I need to study for because we'll take another one tomorrow. I'll study....soon. And I have to read three chapters before class. *sigh*

Went to the early service of church today, 0830...it was good. He talked about prayer and Luke 11:1-end of the Lord's prayer. I think next week Kerrin and Amy wanted to check out a more southern gospel kind of church. Kerrin's a big fan of gospel, and because she does worship at her home church, it's really how she connects to a church...meaning...she didn't really connect here at Calvary Chapel. Though...I'm a little sad...I'm excited to "hop" with them next Sunday. I'm sure I'll still go to Saturday night group (I think). After church we had brunch at Denny's...but by the time we were seated and it served, it was more like lunch. O well...and then Kim needed some stuff at Walmart. I should have known and brought my swimsuit so I could return it. I've asked Marcus to mail me mine. I'm uncomfortable in my swimsuit I bought last weekend...so I've decided to ask him to mail me mine...and return the one from Walmart (I haven't worn it or taken it off the hangers).

Now I'm home and thinking these are the things I need to accomplish:
-studying 3 chapters
-reading 3 chapters
-possible small load of laundry

Joe said he'd be at the gym around 1530-1600ish...so I'll probably go around then...meaning I got some time to nap and read. :) I'm gonna ask if someone from class wants to study with me. I gotta talk all this stuff out in order to understand it...I don't know why. But...taking notes in class has helped me considerably more than just highlighting the text...for sure. We'll see after the measurement how much it really helps.

I've noticed that having quiet times in the morning...have been a nice help. I don't know why...but even though I might be really tired, I feel like by the time quiet time is over and I'm to class...I feel joyful and awake. It's nice...Kerrin and I pray in the car on the way to school...I am just so blessed to have a partner in the Lord over here...so close to me. And something cool we just found out today--both of our middle names are Rochelle. Crazy yeah? Man..she's cool. She's awesome. I'm so blessed and so stoked to have her fellowship.

Alrighty, hope ya'll are well. Missing you..but loving God.
Signing off.

15 August 2007

Catch up

Hey ya'll.

I know I said I'd update later...and that was a few days ago...and I didn't get to. I half apologize. Because my word should be my word (let my yes be yes)...but then again. The Air Force is paying me to go to school (well..they will start paying me on the 1st of Sept) thus my school responsibilities play a slightly higher hand compared to me updating my blog and my personal life.

So...here's a little something something to catch you up.
Monday I started school-at 0700 I thought. I caught a ride with Cassandra, the girl that gave me a ride that Saturday from Walmart back to base (turned out she was attending the CWTO at the same building). I walked in, bright eyed and bushy tailed after a good morning with the Lord (I woke up at 0430 in hopes to go to the gym...but realized I was sore from the day before and would rather not). Needless to say I look in and see the whole room full of LTs and my instructor (a Major--who is 3 ranks higher than me for my civilian friends :P) who greets me and says, "Welcome. Ah yes, not everyone gets the information that class starts at 6."

I thought he was kidding. You know, harass the student that walks in a few minutes late according to his clock (I was right on time according to mine)...but uh...he was very serious. So. Class starts at 0600 everyday. Gets out at 1500. Every other Friday we have off...except for the next few weeks because the base is having an Inspection...so this Friday and next Friday we have class...then the weekend before Labor day-check this out--half day on Thursday, no class Friday, and for a morale booster, no class on Labor day-- 4.5 days of freedom. Who knows what I'll do with it...hopefully the pool will be open or something. I can work out...I can always work out. ;)

Anyway...that was the first half of the first day. Then there was the whole in-processing confusion (I don't want to talk about)....and I tripped and ate the sidewalk walking to the mailbox after school.... The second day wasn't too bad. I can't remember it really (and it was yesterday). Class...long lunch to go to see finance and hopefully get everything all squared away...with some money coming in soon. (Praise the Lord--I'm probably one of the poorest LTs you know right now). Then today...we had our first quiz aka "Appraisal" over 3 chapters...there were 12 questions and if you missed 4 you failed. I studied last night...but I also went to a workout class (Turbo Core--holy smokes it's a killer. I'm excited for hopefully 3 months of it) then to the BX to grab some stuff (the new BDU boots aren't broken in that = blisters coming in). And because yesterday morning *Tues* my friend Kim and I tried to work out at the gym (20 min of weights then we had to go) I had quiet time yesterday after class. I realized my spiritual work out was more important in the morning than my physical conditioning, and working out in the AM is kind of a waste. So that was yesterday.

Today....back to the appraisal. After I took it all I could remember was that I for sure got like 2 wrong, and I was so scared I got more...but then Kerrin told me to just trust the Lord...so I stopped worrying...well I tried really hard to stop thinking about it. I got back in...and I got 2 wrong. 10/12--not too bad for our first one and I was just happy I didn't get 4 wrong. So...we have another one tomorrow (to start studying for soon) over 2 chapters. And it looks like another one on Friday...badda bing badda boom badda bang. This Air Force learning thing-they don't mess around. ;) But that's my job right now...so I can understand.

A few blessings--after complaining about how "far away my building is from school" is true....BUT everyone else in my class, except for like one person--has a lot worse rooms than I do. Like-problems with the AC (No good since it's been so hot), have to share a bathroom with some unknown person, leaky sinks, no pressure...and I was reminded to count my blessings. I really lucked out and got a NIIIICE room. Thank you Lord.

Also, we prayed for a female companion--for fellowship, accountability, prayer....and after going through a few acquaintances wondering if there ever would be one close to what I was looking for...I make some random comment to Kerrin about reading the Bible in the morning, or quiet time or something...and she says, "Oh yeah me too." And it was cool. Looks like we'll be heading to Calvary Chapel on Sunday...and hopefully she'll come to the Bible study on Sat night and she can meet everyone...she won't be around on every weekend..but she said anytime we wanted to read, or pray or something...just ask. I'm super excited to see how God works in this. But right now, I feel like my head is spinning with the time that ticks by in the evenings. To get up at 0400 for reading and prep for class, must be in bed really close to 2100 (9pm)....so the evenings end early.

Today was one of our classmates' birthday--Lisa. So tonight we're going to pizza at 1800 and hopefully I can catch a ride with someone who doesn't mind leaving early...and cause I'm not up for staying that long...it's nice to know that I won't be the only one not drinking though. I'm really blessed by Kerrin.

Prayer request-my delts (my top part of my shoulder near my neck) are really sore. Painfully, and I think I might have some bad knots-I'm not sure if it's from my pillows (they're not what I normally like) or what...but yeah. It makes me REALLY grateful for my free massage student at KCC--so all ya'll in Honolulu better look her up! She's great...and I wish she was here. Or someone was...

Alrighty. I need to get to studying...since I gotta meet Kerrin in 1.5 hrs. I'm thinking I won't be working out today...hmm. That's ok. Turbo Core and probably class PT tomorrow.

Signing off-blessed and grateful...

13 August 2007


I have a mailing address...
2d Lt Brenda Arincorayan
140 Phantom St Box #17013
Keesler AFB MS 39534

More to post later.

12 August 2007

The last day of rest...for a while

Today had its mixed blessings.

My friend Joe (that I met through Mariko) went to Calvary Chapel Gulfport in Biloxi and it was cool...a Gospel for Asia representative come by and talk. It happens to me often...I go to a Calvary Chapel and a GFA rep is there...anyway. After church they were having a "fellowship feast" so Joe and I headed over and ate some interesting (probably completely UNHEALTHY) and yummy food. Then we headed back to Base and I took a nap. Holy smoke, I was tired. It took a lot for me to wake up, cause I figured I should not sleep too long, else I won't be able to sleep tonight...and I could be late to class tomorrow (my first day of school!) so I did some reading... o I did buy KP's "Road to Reality" cause when the GFA went to One Love with Wax...we got the Revolution book... it starts off well... I'll let you know how it goes.

Yesterday was cool....Marcus gave me a little pep talk and I went out and tried to play adventurer...I walked around base (in the hot moist weather) and found a bus stop and headed to...walmart. Where I wondered, bought some snacks and a swim suit, then was waiting for the bus after I wandered outside (where there are no crosswalks....so you dash across the road in hopes to not get killed)...and I was on the phone with Kim...when these two ladies asked if I wanted a ride to base. Sketchy yeah? But no, they really were from base... and actually they are here for the enlisted side of the weather school (but it's not tech training). Anyway, they were my two little angels because it was hot outside, and I saved a dollar. Cassandra and Anne. They're picking me up tomorrow morning before class...so I have a ride for my first day...hooray!

Here's some pics...

Gotta love the Water Towers...

No crosswalks...and the stop lights are on wires!

Biloxi's Water Tower...

Sad yeah? Burger King has no playground... :(

Ooo Sea Gulls...

All pressed and ready...for my first day wearing my uniform...as a 2d Lt.

Well fellow peeps and lovers of Christ...it's almost 2230 (what time is that Trish? Yep-1030pm) and I'm ready for bed.

Signing off-

11 August 2007

HOT HOT weather



Hi 97°F


Lo 78°F


Hi 97°F

Mostly Clear
Lo 78°F


Hi 95°F

Mostly Clear
Lo 78°F


Hi 97°F

Mostly Clear
Lo 76°F

Slight Chance Thunderstorms
Slight Chc
Hi 94°F

That's our forecast...and it's 0830-and the humidity is already 90%!!!!
Mmm, heat advisory...





10 August 2007

Landed safely...in M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I

Just in case you wanted to spell out Mississippi with me-as I had to type it out. But from now it'll be MS...cause that's a lot of ss i's and stuff.

Saying goodbye to all my great friends and loved ones was hard, but God definitely made the last day a good one. From quiet time with Natasha at Glazers, breakfast with Kim and Marcus at Boots and Kimos (Kailua) to surfing with Michelle, Mackey and Tricia...then one last bite to eat at Genki's with Marcus...and saying good bye with everyone that came to the airport. Thank you to all who came and called. Thank you to all your hard work with my devotional. I'm very blessed by the work and time put into it. The first one was good Natasha!Thank you so much.

Some good bye pics...

Natasha in the AM at Glazers

Kim and Marcus at Boots and Kimos

Amy and I before we headed out to Rockpiles (me surf, her tan)

Michelle and I after surfing...

Mackey Hironaka--need I say more?

The one and only Tricia Felmet--such a good sport.

John Hahn and I...Mr Hahn to you.

Helena and I...

Catching some last moments and super ono food at Genki's...

This thing, I dunno the name- is stinkin delicious!! Imagine: shrimp tempura, spicy ahi, unagi sauce...MMMMM. Dang.

Marcus loves the baby. The baby doesn't love Marcus.

Now...that I have arrived and are semi-unpacked from the travels...I took a shower and started this post and what not. I'm in this building, that is kind of far away from my weather school. Not too bad, if the weather here wasn't so stinkin HOT and HUMID. Holy smokes. It was Black Flag weather today...and if you don't know-that means-no body outside doing physical activity til it cools down. So...although the walk in the morning might not be so bad, I think the afternoon walk would kill me. Maybe literally. So I'll check on Sunday if I can get a room in a closer building. It happens to be the nicer building (so I've heard) but yeah.

In a little bit a new acquaintance and classmate of Mariko's (she was here for some training, left today after we had lunch together) his name is Joe- we'll head to the chow hall for some cheap food (hopefully tasting ok without too much unhealthiness) and then to see Rush Hour 3. WOOO HOO! Mmm slightly awkward that he's a male...but with God's protection and timing, I reckon a female classmate will come around soon...

Welcome to my room...1221

Look left, there's the desk and a door to the other room (who knows who is there)
and my bed...

Now looking straight-the bed, the window (soo bright) and the AC...the side of the TV stand...

Next to the TV stand is the bathroom and to the right is my closet...

Closet door and door to room cannot be open at the same time. Not good at all. They open into each other, in case the picture doesn't do it justice.
----edit----after movie: Rush Hour 3 ----

This is inside the TV stand...secret shelf with a toaster...and you can tell I've already bought some munchies...

Sorry, blurry pic of the TV and the Fridge, Freezer, Microwave black thing

MMMM FOOOOD. Cheap food. My disclosure--the Chips Ahoy and Pop was Mariko's. She gave them to me. Ha. But they taste good. Nice treat. I don't think I would get them on my own.

Well I saw the movie with Joe..the movie theatre was packed, good thing we got there like 30 min before it started, saw the same advertisements a billion times while I debated about buying popcorn, but $4.25 for a SMALL size...wasn't worth it. Especially since I paid like 3.40 for my dinner. But now I eat a PB sandwich to make up for small and early dinner.

Alrighty. Time to get ready for bed. My first night...in MS.

Signing off-