15 August 2007

Catch up

Hey ya'll.

I know I said I'd update later...and that was a few days ago...and I didn't get to. I half apologize. Because my word should be my word (let my yes be yes)...but then again. The Air Force is paying me to go to school (well..they will start paying me on the 1st of Sept) thus my school responsibilities play a slightly higher hand compared to me updating my blog and my personal life.

So...here's a little something something to catch you up.
Monday I started school-at 0700 I thought. I caught a ride with Cassandra, the girl that gave me a ride that Saturday from Walmart back to base (turned out she was attending the CWTO at the same building). I walked in, bright eyed and bushy tailed after a good morning with the Lord (I woke up at 0430 in hopes to go to the gym...but realized I was sore from the day before and would rather not). Needless to say I look in and see the whole room full of LTs and my instructor (a Major--who is 3 ranks higher than me for my civilian friends :P) who greets me and says, "Welcome. Ah yes, not everyone gets the information that class starts at 6."

I thought he was kidding. You know, harass the student that walks in a few minutes late according to his clock (I was right on time according to mine)...but uh...he was very serious. So. Class starts at 0600 everyday. Gets out at 1500. Every other Friday we have off...except for the next few weeks because the base is having an Inspection...so this Friday and next Friday we have class...then the weekend before Labor day-check this out--half day on Thursday, no class Friday, and for a morale booster, no class on Labor day-- 4.5 days of freedom. Who knows what I'll do with it...hopefully the pool will be open or something. I can work out...I can always work out. ;)

Anyway...that was the first half of the first day. Then there was the whole in-processing confusion (I don't want to talk about)....and I tripped and ate the sidewalk walking to the mailbox after school.... The second day wasn't too bad. I can't remember it really (and it was yesterday). Class...long lunch to go to see finance and hopefully get everything all squared away...with some money coming in soon. (Praise the Lord--I'm probably one of the poorest LTs you know right now). Then today...we had our first quiz aka "Appraisal" over 3 chapters...there were 12 questions and if you missed 4 you failed. I studied last night...but I also went to a workout class (Turbo Core--holy smokes it's a killer. I'm excited for hopefully 3 months of it) then to the BX to grab some stuff (the new BDU boots aren't broken in that = blisters coming in). And because yesterday morning *Tues* my friend Kim and I tried to work out at the gym (20 min of weights then we had to go) I had quiet time yesterday after class. I realized my spiritual work out was more important in the morning than my physical conditioning, and working out in the AM is kind of a waste. So that was yesterday.

Today....back to the appraisal. After I took it all I could remember was that I for sure got like 2 wrong, and I was so scared I got more...but then Kerrin told me to just trust the Lord...so I stopped worrying...well I tried really hard to stop thinking about it. I got back in...and I got 2 wrong. 10/12--not too bad for our first one and I was just happy I didn't get 4 wrong. So...we have another one tomorrow (to start studying for soon) over 2 chapters. And it looks like another one on Friday...badda bing badda boom badda bang. This Air Force learning thing-they don't mess around. ;) But that's my job right now...so I can understand.

A few blessings--after complaining about how "far away my building is from school" is true....BUT everyone else in my class, except for like one person--has a lot worse rooms than I do. Like-problems with the AC (No good since it's been so hot), have to share a bathroom with some unknown person, leaky sinks, no pressure...and I was reminded to count my blessings. I really lucked out and got a NIIIICE room. Thank you Lord.

Also, we prayed for a female companion--for fellowship, accountability, prayer....and after going through a few acquaintances wondering if there ever would be one close to what I was looking for...I make some random comment to Kerrin about reading the Bible in the morning, or quiet time or something...and she says, "Oh yeah me too." And it was cool. Looks like we'll be heading to Calvary Chapel on Sunday...and hopefully she'll come to the Bible study on Sat night and she can meet everyone...she won't be around on every weekend..but she said anytime we wanted to read, or pray or something...just ask. I'm super excited to see how God works in this. But right now, I feel like my head is spinning with the time that ticks by in the evenings. To get up at 0400 for reading and prep for class, must be in bed really close to 2100 (9pm)....so the evenings end early.

Today was one of our classmates' birthday--Lisa. So tonight we're going to pizza at 1800 and hopefully I can catch a ride with someone who doesn't mind leaving early...and cause I'm not up for staying that long...it's nice to know that I won't be the only one not drinking though. I'm really blessed by Kerrin.

Prayer request-my delts (my top part of my shoulder near my neck) are really sore. Painfully, and I think I might have some bad knots-I'm not sure if it's from my pillows (they're not what I normally like) or what...but yeah. It makes me REALLY grateful for my free massage student at KCC--so all ya'll in Honolulu better look her up! She's great...and I wish she was here. Or someone was...

Alrighty. I need to get to studying...since I gotta meet Kerrin in 1.5 hrs. I'm thinking I won't be working out today...hmm. That's ok. Turbo Core and probably class PT tomorrow.

Signing off-blessed and grateful...

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