10 August 2007

Landed safely...in M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I

Just in case you wanted to spell out Mississippi with me-as I had to type it out. But from now it'll be MS...cause that's a lot of ss i's and stuff.

Saying goodbye to all my great friends and loved ones was hard, but God definitely made the last day a good one. From quiet time with Natasha at Glazers, breakfast with Kim and Marcus at Boots and Kimos (Kailua) to surfing with Michelle, Mackey and Tricia...then one last bite to eat at Genki's with Marcus...and saying good bye with everyone that came to the airport. Thank you to all who came and called. Thank you to all your hard work with my devotional. I'm very blessed by the work and time put into it. The first one was good Natasha!Thank you so much.

Some good bye pics...

Natasha in the AM at Glazers

Kim and Marcus at Boots and Kimos

Amy and I before we headed out to Rockpiles (me surf, her tan)

Michelle and I after surfing...

Mackey Hironaka--need I say more?

The one and only Tricia Felmet--such a good sport.

John Hahn and I...Mr Hahn to you.

Helena and I...

Catching some last moments and super ono food at Genki's...

This thing, I dunno the name- is stinkin delicious!! Imagine: shrimp tempura, spicy ahi, unagi sauce...MMMMM. Dang.

Marcus loves the baby. The baby doesn't love Marcus.

Now...that I have arrived and are semi-unpacked from the travels...I took a shower and started this post and what not. I'm in this building, that is kind of far away from my weather school. Not too bad, if the weather here wasn't so stinkin HOT and HUMID. Holy smokes. It was Black Flag weather today...and if you don't know-that means-no body outside doing physical activity til it cools down. So...although the walk in the morning might not be so bad, I think the afternoon walk would kill me. Maybe literally. So I'll check on Sunday if I can get a room in a closer building. It happens to be the nicer building (so I've heard) but yeah.

In a little bit a new acquaintance and classmate of Mariko's (she was here for some training, left today after we had lunch together) his name is Joe- we'll head to the chow hall for some cheap food (hopefully tasting ok without too much unhealthiness) and then to see Rush Hour 3. WOOO HOO! Mmm slightly awkward that he's a male...but with God's protection and timing, I reckon a female classmate will come around soon...

Welcome to my room...1221

Look left, there's the desk and a door to the other room (who knows who is there)
and my bed...

Now looking straight-the bed, the window (soo bright) and the AC...the side of the TV stand...

Next to the TV stand is the bathroom and to the right is my closet...

Closet door and door to room cannot be open at the same time. Not good at all. They open into each other, in case the picture doesn't do it justice.
----edit----after movie: Rush Hour 3 ----

This is inside the TV stand...secret shelf with a toaster...and you can tell I've already bought some munchies...

Sorry, blurry pic of the TV and the Fridge, Freezer, Microwave black thing

MMMM FOOOOD. Cheap food. My disclosure--the Chips Ahoy and Pop was Mariko's. She gave them to me. Ha. But they taste good. Nice treat. I don't think I would get them on my own.

Well I saw the movie with Joe..the movie theatre was packed, good thing we got there like 30 min before it started, saw the same advertisements a billion times while I debated about buying popcorn, but $4.25 for a SMALL size...wasn't worth it. Especially since I paid like 3.40 for my dinner. But now I eat a PB sandwich to make up for small and early dinner.

Alrighty. Time to get ready for bed. My first night...in MS.

Signing off-

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jacelle808 said...

Hi....I'm an old friend of Tricia Felmet....Please let her know that OLGC class of 95 is trying to locate her....she can find us on facebook....much thanks, Jacelle