12 August 2007

The last day of rest...for a while

Today had its mixed blessings.

My friend Joe (that I met through Mariko) went to Calvary Chapel Gulfport in Biloxi and it was cool...a Gospel for Asia representative come by and talk. It happens to me often...I go to a Calvary Chapel and a GFA rep is there...anyway. After church they were having a "fellowship feast" so Joe and I headed over and ate some interesting (probably completely UNHEALTHY) and yummy food. Then we headed back to Base and I took a nap. Holy smoke, I was tired. It took a lot for me to wake up, cause I figured I should not sleep too long, else I won't be able to sleep tonight...and I could be late to class tomorrow (my first day of school!) so I did some reading... o I did buy KP's "Road to Reality" cause when the GFA went to One Love with Wax...we got the Revolution book... it starts off well... I'll let you know how it goes.

Yesterday was cool....Marcus gave me a little pep talk and I went out and tried to play adventurer...I walked around base (in the hot moist weather) and found a bus stop and headed to...walmart. Where I wondered, bought some snacks and a swim suit, then was waiting for the bus after I wandered outside (where there are no crosswalks....so you dash across the road in hopes to not get killed)...and I was on the phone with Kim...when these two ladies asked if I wanted a ride to base. Sketchy yeah? But no, they really were from base... and actually they are here for the enlisted side of the weather school (but it's not tech training). Anyway, they were my two little angels because it was hot outside, and I saved a dollar. Cassandra and Anne. They're picking me up tomorrow morning before class...so I have a ride for my first day...hooray!

Here's some pics...

Gotta love the Water Towers...

No crosswalks...and the stop lights are on wires!

Biloxi's Water Tower...

Sad yeah? Burger King has no playground... :(

Ooo Sea Gulls...

All pressed and ready...for my first day wearing my uniform...as a 2d Lt.

Well fellow peeps and lovers of Christ...it's almost 2230 (what time is that Trish? Yep-1030pm) and I'm ready for bed.

Signing off-

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