20 August 2007

Nothin much new

Well, that's not completely true. Today, instead of working out for a long time and putting off studying, I started with half an hour once I got to my room after my loong day in class (short lunch breaks this week) and I told myself...I could work out for about 30 min or so...and then I'd meet up with some classmates at 1800 for food. So...here I am. Waiting for laundry to dry...and it's 2045. Ok...I should be ready for bed in 15 minutes (fat chance, laundry will take at least 30 min to dry) but...this gives me time to review my notes for my FAT exam (aka "Measurement" according to the AF) on Wednesday.

That's all. Just wanted to say Hi. Tomorrow-quiz in am, quiz after lunch. Review for test. PT-running *bring choke water* and then...study. Then Turbo Core at 1730. Shower. Change. Eat. Study. Sleep. Probably that's how it'll go tomorrow. Wednesday I'll check my mail. I don't want to check it all the time--that's how disappointment comes--expectations. I shouldn't expect anything.

Alrighty...catch ya'll laters.
Signing off, with love for the Lord and grateful for His goodness He's shown me...

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