19 August 2007

Reflection and Update-tion

Hello. To whomever you are that read this...because I don't really know who reads this...

Anyway. My first week of class is done...and we had 3 appraisals, and we have at least two next week with our measurement (test at the end of the block), and then we start a new block. This will be about weather. Everything up to now has been doctrine-all about the Air Force and how weather affects stuff...etc.

I think I just found a ride to the Shane & Shane concert on 17 Sep in Pascaguala. Apparently it's a little bit from here...anyway. At the door I think tickets are like $15 or something...and this is their "Pages" tour...a new CD coming out at the end of August. I'm stoked. I told my friend Mike (the one that might drive me) if he drives, I'll buy his ticket. He's flyin-I'm buyin. I might catch a ride with Ben, a classmate...but I'm not sure how sure he is he wants to go. At least Mike for sure wants to go...anyway. I'll update more as time gets closer.

More to think about would be Hurricane Dean. Though it's currently slotted to hit southern Texas and northern Mexico, there's always a chance it could swerve north and come towards LA or MS. So I've started making a hurricane preparedness kit...and then I talked to someone that was here during Katrina...he told me I wouldn't want to eat MREs for 5 days...so I should put some snacks and Capri Suns in there too. We'll see towards Tuesday and Wednesday of next week where this storm is heading.

We've had three appraisals...praise the Lord I've passed them all...and our first measurement (test) is this coming Wednesday. It should be interesting. But we basically have appraisals every day. So I have one I need to study for because we'll take another one tomorrow. I'll study....soon. And I have to read three chapters before class. *sigh*

Went to the early service of church today, 0830...it was good. He talked about prayer and Luke 11:1-end of the Lord's prayer. I think next week Kerrin and Amy wanted to check out a more southern gospel kind of church. Kerrin's a big fan of gospel, and because she does worship at her home church, it's really how she connects to a church...meaning...she didn't really connect here at Calvary Chapel. Though...I'm a little sad...I'm excited to "hop" with them next Sunday. I'm sure I'll still go to Saturday night group (I think). After church we had brunch at Denny's...but by the time we were seated and it served, it was more like lunch. O well...and then Kim needed some stuff at Walmart. I should have known and brought my swimsuit so I could return it. I've asked Marcus to mail me mine. I'm uncomfortable in my swimsuit I bought last weekend...so I've decided to ask him to mail me mine...and return the one from Walmart (I haven't worn it or taken it off the hangers).

Now I'm home and thinking these are the things I need to accomplish:
-studying 3 chapters
-reading 3 chapters
-possible small load of laundry

Joe said he'd be at the gym around 1530-1600ish...so I'll probably go around then...meaning I got some time to nap and read. :) I'm gonna ask if someone from class wants to study with me. I gotta talk all this stuff out in order to understand it...I don't know why. But...taking notes in class has helped me considerably more than just highlighting the text...for sure. We'll see after the measurement how much it really helps.

I've noticed that having quiet times in the morning...have been a nice help. I don't know why...but even though I might be really tired, I feel like by the time quiet time is over and I'm to class...I feel joyful and awake. It's nice...Kerrin and I pray in the car on the way to school...I am just so blessed to have a partner in the Lord over here...so close to me. And something cool we just found out today--both of our middle names are Rochelle. Crazy yeah? Man..she's cool. She's awesome. I'm so blessed and so stoked to have her fellowship.

Alrighty, hope ya'll are well. Missing you..but loving God.
Signing off.

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