24 August 2007

Some Classmates

I thought perhaps some might want to get some faces with the names that I might mention in the next few months...so let's take a look at some of my classmates...

This is Kim Bracken-she's from Illinois, has been to ASBC with one of my flightmates from Field Training, and she'll start working at Shaw AFB SC. Me her and Kerrin went to church on Sunday.

This is Gary Charney. He's from...Florida I think. Or something. And he'll be off to Sembach Germany after this. He is one of the other guys that we had to run around on the first day of school, trying to get inprocessed and what not.

This is the infamous KERRIN Bullock. She's from ERAU Florida....and she'll be off to Scott AFB IL when she's done here. This is my prayer buddy...ride...partner in crime...encouragement.

This is DanMichael Coyne... also known as Mike...and he's from ERAU Florida too..and he's going to Shaw AFB SC with Kim. For the past two thursdays we've gone to Walmart together. He's been my ride. Though...I spent a lot less this week than I did last week...I actually got money back this week :) (Returned the swimsuit)

This is Amor and Brian. They're pretending to be working on a presentation. Anyway--I can't remember where they're from (they're in the other class when we break up into two groups), but Amor got married on my anniversary (6/10/07) to a dude from Waianae. We have that in common. She's going to...dang I can't remember. And Brian...yes...he's cool. Haven't hung out much.

That's all for now. I gotta shower (went to gym...minor cardio/weights workout) and get ready, we're out to the Hard Rock tonight...and Kerrin is going to swing me by the post office to see if I got something I'm waiting for...and yes. I also started my laundry...hope it finishes in time. :S

Signing off-

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