04 September 2007

BLESS'ED: Happy; prosperous in worldly affairs; spiritual happiness and the favor of God; enjoying heavenly felicity (KJ Dictionary)

I just had to SHARE what an amazingly blessed day today has been for me.

First of all...I WOKE UP! and I was able to praise the Lord for another day of being loved by him, and glorifying him.

Then, after I get out of the shower and start having some quiet time, Marcus calls me! So even though we hung up...I thought, man--we could have prayed together. So I called him back...and we did! I mean, he prayed...and it was nice. Prayer adds a connection...that makes it so much better.

The morning obviously started off so well, and I was blessed by the Friday night notes I had from Mackey and Natasha and I was going through that...

Time for school, I finished my work and had choke time to do whatevers, so I worked on my discipleship book for Saturday night Bible study...and pretty much finished the whole chapter! While being able to enjoy some worship music on my Ipod.

I wasn't tired during class, I wasn't hungry as much...and lunch came around...I ate some stuff...and just finished my Acts study...and did stuff and then it was class time already! So the time flew by...and I asked Kerrin if we could stop by and check the mail--and being the angel in disguise she is (even though she had to go to the airport and get her luggage and run errands and she was stinkin tired from getting home way late last night from the airport)...she agreed. And I wasn't really expecting any mail-cause I figured it was too soon for some of it to be there..and voila!

I had a card from someone. I grab it...and it's from Marcus! My husband...who told me that he doesn't write letters...or send cards or anything. Who sends me my swim suit--with a post it that has my address on it...and nothing else. Woah man I was so stoked. I was like a little lovestruck teenager getting a love note. It was awesome.

Then...just working out today and running on the track, I got to encourage this lady to run a lap and push it a little more...and I got to memorize some verses (I've discovered that while exercising--I am able to memorize scriptures pretty well)...and it was cool.

THEN...I was done and heading to the gym to do weights, and I was thinking, "Man, I wish I grabbed some cash so I could get a smoothie for dinner-cause I do not want to eat anything...or I wish I knew someone at the gym who had cash and would let me borrow some..." and I walk in...

And there's like 3 people I know from church-right there at the counter...getting a smoothie!!!! And Solomon gives me $3.50 so I can get a small smoothie after I work out.

You think that's awesome, it gets better.

My WOC classmates (some of them) are going to Pensacola for the weekend--leaving on Friday morning and returning on Sunday...with some intentions of sailing on Friday. At first I really wanted to go...but I thought we were staying for a day. Then today I find out they're not coming back til Sunday...so I told the dude in charge (Coyne) that I'll have to let him know later if I can make it...

So I was torn because I was wondering if the cost would exceed my budget for "fun"--and about missing the fellowship and church and Solomon's last time with the crew (he leaves on Tuesday for Scott AFB IL to start his new career as an AF fire fighter). Anyway--

I was telling Solomon about the dilemma (after I already got some advice from Kerrin and Kim) and he says, "CJ-Aren't you going to Pensacola this weekend?"

It turns out CJ is going to get his car registered...and we can head back on Saturday to make it for the study and church on Sunday.

Sweet yeah? Amazing how God totally works things out.

And how much I TOTALLY don't deserve any of these blessings ... but he has grace and compassion...

Ok. I wanted to share that. Thanks ya'll for prayers and love. It's been amazing. God has been SOOO faithful!

Signing off-amazingly blessed

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mari said...

hi brenda! just wanted to say hi and i miss you! cant wait to see you next month:) hope this comment works! have a great day tomorrow!!