16 September 2007

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Phil 4:6

It has been a while since I've updated...for various reasons. The lack of time has caused me to merely put up random posts (devotionals, lyrics, etc). I feel there is much to talk about, and I don't even know where to begin.

I'll work backwards (most likely not in chronological order)...

I have been blessed with the opportunity to come home to Hawaii for a brief period. As most do know (though I found out today Mari didn't :P) It'll be a 48 hour trip--about 24 hours of travel for 48 hours of paradise pleasure. I'm very excited. To see Marcus and be with him, to enjoy the tropical environment: Swim at Kaimana's, surf somewhere, walk on the beach barefooted, delight my taste buds with: spicy ahi rolls, endamame, and Korean food, and to fellowship with friends (as time allows). And of course, to see my princess Abigail. I've heard she's grown a lot...I'm excited to get to see her one last time before she turns one (Nov 8-I'll be home after that).

I've also been blessed with the opportunity to enjoy Shane & Shane tomorrow evening in a town about 25 minutes away. I'll be able to go with some friends from church...and it should be pretty cool. I'm very excited!

On the other end of things, last Thursday (6 Sep) I failed one of my block exams. Failing an exam isn't a good thing, whereas if you fail a quiz, you have opportunity to prove it was a flop by not failing the next, without major academic reprimand or consequences. Because I failed, I had to retake it the following Tuesday (11 Sep) but could only receive a score of 70 regardless of my retake score. Thankfully I was given a second chance, and I did score a 93 the second time around...but I have lost the opportunity to grasp any academic awards for this course. There have definitely been a lot of lessons learned because of this. First and foremost I realized how off task I was with my schooling. I had put working out ahead of studying, and used fellowship and Bible study as an excuse to not studying. Thinking that God would "bless me" for my choice of choosing Him first, when really I was using him as an excuse to not study and be lazy. Unfortunately I didn't learn my lesson the following Thursday morning (13 Sep) and I failed a quiz. Apparently I needed to be disciplined more than once...and thankfully...this failed quiz is prayerfully the last thing I need discipline for. I initiated a study session with one of my instructors on Friday afternoon, where a classmate and I stayed with him for over 2 hours reviewing a lecture and preparing for a quiz we have tomorrow. I also met with the same classmate this afternoon for a study session. Tuesday at lunch I have another study session, before my test on Wednesday.

Speaking of lunches, I've been trying to work out and get in shape and lose weight and all that good stuff. I found a free spinning class at lunch on Mon/Wed/Fri (when there is school). Even though it's interesting trying to change out of uniform and into workout clothes and shower and change back into uniform and grab food to eat in class (no time for lunch during lunch), it's been quite an experience getting back on the bike...and working harder than I normally do when I ride at home on the streets. Since MWF is workout lunches, Tues/Thurs are my study lunches. Although some issues have prevented me from studying the past Tues/Thurs during lunch...but this week should be different, especially since I set up a session with an instructor for Tuesday (and it's before a test).

This upcoming Friday (21 Sep) is a down Friday, meaning we don't have class. I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing with this free time...

The last 3 day weekend we had, I was able to go with some of my classmates to Pensacola (7 Sep). We left Friday morning, and my friend CJ brought me back to Keesler on Saturday afternoon-in time for Bible study that evening. I had a blast in Pensacola. We went to the beach (it was clean, it was beautiful, it was clean water with some crazy waves breaking close to shore) and we went out for some dancing. It was very fun. Then back to the beach on Saturday. Some of them also tried sailing, but I stayed on shore out of the water (apparently there were alligator sightings). Check out some pics:

Kerrin modeling the fact that there are alligator sightings.

Mike teaching Ben what to do with the boat. Or something

So I gotta admit this water is cleaner than the water in Biloxi...but still. Alligators? Not so sure I wanna go in.

They're getting ready to push off and go in.

The view of Pensacola beach as we were leaving. I had so much fun hanging out on the beach and stuff...I forgot to take pictures.

I took so many pictures on Friday that Saturday morning I hardly had any battery left. I had enough to take this picture:

It's Kim sunbathing...without getting her face burnt. LOL. It's amazing what we do yeah?

Anyway. That's that...what else. My friend David Kim from church got engaged to his girlfriend this past Friday (14 Sep) and I was invited to go to the engagement party...that was good fun! I got to meet her (Shannon) and I got to hang out with Jen Jones.

This is Jen Jones and I. She's a pretty typical Southern Girl.

Dan and Carianne...you probably recognize them.

Navy Chaplain Dave and his fiance Shannon. Congratulations!

Jen is this amazingly cool girl (she's a lil bit older than me...barely) and we've been together all weekend! Friday night she took me to the party and we hung out, Saturday after I volunteered at the beach cleanup (where my camera stopped working *sadness*) and she was done with her job, we met up and worked out together...then she brought me to Bible study and we went out for a quick delicious Sonic Bite (I had tots and an Oreo Blast--my weekend treat). Then this morning she picked me and this other person up for church, then she dropped us off. After she did some errands we worked out again together on base...it's been good fun. Don't worry, we didn't hang out tonight though. I deeply considered asking her if she wanted to go to this sushi place I haven't been to before (she likes sushi) but I didn't want to push it. Besides, tomorrow-I'll probably be spending a bit of money.

There was this GINORMOUS tree outside of the restaurant we were at. I'm trying to let you know how much of a tree hugger I am...and HOW BIG this tree is.

Beach Cleanup- we did it yesterday as part of this whole Coast cleanup thing, as a class. So we walked the beach for about two hours, and after like 20 pictures I turned off my camera for the second time, and then it wouldn't open again. It'll turn on and let me see the pictures I've taken, but won't open the lens. Marcus said it has something to do with the fact that a while ago something happened and he had to take something off to get it to work, and it was a matter of time before it stopped working because it was missing that piece. So..it's pretty sad. I didn't realize how much I like taking pictures..until that opportunity is gone. O well. I can't take pictures of tomorrow's concert... :( or anything!!

Our instructors (the one that are officers: Maj Schrumpf on the left and Capt Gonzales on the right)

Waiting around for our gloves and trash bags...

We might be able to get one when I get back to Hawaii...hopefully for the weekend...cause I definitely will need some pics of Marcus and I, and the beach, and the big baby...

Joseph's last meeting...

I had to say goodbye to Joseph. He left this past weekend because his class was over. You might remember him as the Older Brother that drove me around a lot the first weekend I got here...thanks to Mariko who knew him from her class. We had some ono dinner at Ruby Tuesday's...and it was good fun. I'm glad I got to meet him, and hang out before he left.

Anyway. Time to review some notes before I go to bed. Another weekend come and gone. Another day closer to coming back to Hawaii.

Thank you for your love and prayers. And if you get a chance, feel free to try leaving a comment. It should work without having to sign in (Tricia ah*hem).

Signing off-Blessed to be his Beloved.

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