20 September 2007

God's faithfulness and blessings

I wanted to share a blessing report--as I took my Block 3 test this morning (and after my last failure...there was a slight amount of pressure) and Satan kept telling me I'd fail since I slept so long yesterday.

But God poured his blessings on me, protected me from Satan's lies, and restored my memory and studying. I got a 97 on the test, missing one question (error in thinking, had I slowed down to really think about it, I could have gotten it right).

But a 97 is incredibly higher than my 63 (last time)....

Thank you Lord. I did nothing to deserve this. I tried to be faithful with my studying and making it a priority. You are amazing God. It's an encouragement to continue studying, to continue pursuing my education with persistence and questions, and study sessions.

Back to class this afternoon...and then the freedom of a 3 day weekend. One weekend closer to coming home to Hawaii... and seeing my beloved husband...and Hawaii...and my amazing Hawaiian fellowship. =)

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