21 September 2007

mini Triathlon results

Well...I entered into the "Athena" division (meaning my weight is over 150lbs) because there was only one other woman in the category when I signed up on Tuesday (only by God's grace was I able to sign up). Then by God's grace my spinning instructor put on some flat tread tires on my mountain bike from MWR (instead of the mtn bike tires)--which makes a huge difference in drag and being able to glide on the road.

And once I got there this morning I talked with the lady in my category (Sheryl) and we've seen each other at the WOC and working out...and when she told me her estimated times for the events (200 yd swim, 6 mi ride, 2 mi run) I knew that she pretty much had me beat. Especially since she's been training probably.

I was surprised with my times this morning, although my swim was a little slow (probably about 4 minutes), transitioning to bike about 2.5 minutes, biking 23 min (think it should have been faster, I thought this was an 8 mi ride and that should have been done in 25-30 min) then transition to run about 1 min then run...amazingly I surprised myself with this time--about 18:30 for two miles....so it's less than a 10 min mile, and it's after all that stuff. I was happy with that. The Lord even gave me some strength to sprint it out the last few feet and really push. End time (I think--final results posted later today) 48:06.

The winning time for my category was 47:42. That's right. Lost by 24 seconds.

Interestingly enough, my number was 24. =)

I have a trophy, I have a shirt, I worked out, and I did better than I personally expected on the run. God met me and I enjoyed the time...and I got free bananas to take home. I'm happy.

Thanks for the support. I even had a cheerleader here--her name is Stacy, I've met her once before and she was doing the relay (Swimming) and she cheered me on, apparently impressed that I did all three events. She called me her hero. =D

Thank you Lord. To you be the glory forever and ever.
Signing off-heading to Olive Garden with Stacy, and content in the Lord.

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