08 October 2007

God's little...ok...HUGE...blessings...

I am back from my rendezvous in Hawaii...the entire 48 hours was amazing...and I think I'm still on Mississippi time, which is good-making it for an easy adjustment back to school tomorrow.

It was emotional, the plane couldn't have landed any slower from LA to HNL, probably because it was my last leg before I could see my husband. But thankfully, I landed safe and sound...and was picked up by my amazing husband. Who swiftly brought me sushi and headed off to Friday night with the gang...where I ran into some people...

Mari! (Who gave me a BEAUTIFUL lei)

Who's that crazy man?!!?


Mari and Tricia...

The next day we headed to Barbers Point for the surf clinic with One Love...though I probably should have asked to be pushed...my pride got in the way... and I opted to try on my own. Thankfully I actually caught one wave...and enjoyed it while it lasted. Marcus totally spoiled me and took care of everything!

Husband and wife...all pau!

Off to Wahoo's for some lunch (note to self, not likely to go there again-South Shore Grill off of Diamond head is much better)

Friday night was an awakening...with God guiding and a new beginning...I am blessed.

After all the errands on Saturday, what better way to end the day then to head to the Hironakas for some chill time....

With Helena!

And the beautiful pouty princess...Abigail!

Who still makes me smile, even when she cries when I hold her...

As you can tell, Saturday was filled with errands and running around. Between Marcus and I needing running shoes, grabbing some umiyage (sp?) for some peeps who wanted some stuff from Hawaii...getting a new camera (to replace the old dead one)...and making time for "us"...it was full. Needless to say Sunday wasn't much better, as we had to go to the NEX exchange the camera (thought I could go for a Casio, but realized I totally loved knowing how the heck to use my Canon)...and the Running Room (I thought I needed to exchange my shoes, but found out that they're probably my best option). Sunday morning we listened to Cornerstone and the Holy Spirit-the most driving force was having all the knowledge but not applying it. Worthless.

Anyway, after errands Sunday, and breakfast...we headed home and got ready for some last minute time in the sun...at nothing better than Kaimaina's beach. LOVE IT!

Can you really argue with this?

My husband-so amazing. Would otherwise never suffer in the sun, but because it would be time with me, he willingly sweated it out, and hung out with me...even though no one else wanted to come out. :)

Can you argue with this crystal clear water?!?!

How about this?!

Peace. Solitude. Tranquility.

After this...sitting there...I realized-I am SUCH an island girl. I love the ocean. I love the sun. That's what I am. I loved living in Micronesia for the same thing...the fish, the ocean, the life.

This trip taught me something else--to not things for granted. Taking Marcus for granted...I mean. Poor guy. Hurricane Brenda hit the apartment! No joke it was soo clean when I got there, and I pretty much wrecked it. But it also motivates me to try and b e a more tidy person... Ask me about that as I leave for ASBC in Jan...if I'm still like that.

Such a whirlwind of a weekend. But so amazing at the same time.

Signing off, calm and super blessed...

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tricia said...

it's me...back from the dead. I will be amazed if this comment goes through--since I have tried before and failed (pitiful, I know). Though I haven't kept up with your blog...I do enjoy reading your writing. See you oh so soon...love you.