21 October 2007

Nature Walk

The other day I was blessed with the opportunity to walk around base with Leah. It was a crisp evening, as a high pressure system had taken the moisture out of the regularly drenched humid Mississippi air, and it was beautiful. Thankfully, I had my trusty camera by my side...and Leah allowed for the random stops to try and take advantage of the God's paintbrush at work as the sun was setting on the day.

In the meanwhile, I looked back and realized for the whole month of October I've made a whopping--3 or 4 posts, not too exciting compared to the 12something the month before. Granted October is halfway through-but no matter your math level, you realize the numbers don't match. Anyway, I was trying to figure out why this had happened...and I think perhaps it's because I found other ways to occupy my time. And some of it perhaps because I didn't have any pictures to upload...but really, it's because I found other things to distract me. Things like...watching TV episodes online (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Ugly Betty and sometimes Big Shots). Needless to say...although my academics have not fallen...perhaps other areas of my life have...quiet time and working out. It's hard to admit when someone is a problem...but perhaps it brings accountability. Because here I am open to the world--saying...I need a revival. And I know.

I know that at the other end He is knocking and all I have to do is answer. And sometimes...I have to get knocked upside the head twice to learn a lesson...sometimes more than that. And sometimes...it takes time to come around. But in the end...I'll be here. I'll be here seeking with all my heart, with all my passion...with all my yearning wanting to be His little one. To be His princess.

Thanks Daddy. Thanks.

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