11 January 2008

an update

hey ya'll that check the blog--thanks!

this is gonna be quick and dirty, slept a little later this morning than planned, trying to make it to 0615 bible study before class starts. got my luggage the next evening, so praise God that was cool. have all my stuff now.

seems sometimes the internet is down at night...but the mornings are ok (i heard that it gets overloaded with so many students trying to get on and stuff). hopefully the weekends won't be too bad and i'll get to update...in depth. and morning blogs can be reflections on readings. which the one from last night was cool...but ack-no time.

a guy from my flight and i are aiming to start up a vespers (time of prayer and worship)...monday is looking to be our first night. please pray for it that it would be all about God and worshiping him-and not anything else...thanks!

thank you everyone for your love and support and prayers. it is always appreciated.
sending love-

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