14 March 2008


I find myself waiting off on doing things.

Like watching billions of hours of DVDs for my job (they're refreshers...) and they're supposed to be done by next Friday.

Like working on my devotion for tomorrow's Women's Spa Day. Sometimes I wonder if I go too into things...like, I'm not doing a teaching tomorrow....devotion. But at the same time, I totally feel like I want everyone to get the same out of this... (I'll post later all my commentary once it's pau).

And instead doing other things.

Like finally buying my friend's wedding present(s) since I can't attend the reception.

Like wandering around on Sparkpeople.com and doing other things there.

Buying music on Itunes.

Doing this blog. :)

OK. Back to the grind. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf closes at 11pm (almost 2 hrs away). I have to watch AT LEAST one dvd before I leave. And finish my devotional of course.


joshua said...


sweet blog, haven't been here in a while
hope everything is well.

joshua said...

i know random yeah
i think i saw it a long time ago
then i saw it on abby's blog

let us run this summer!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Procrastination.... we have a love/hate relationship. I hope everything is going well. I miss you! From the Salster