14 April 2008

Bargaining or Blessing?

I totally was blessed by QT this morning (it's been hard lately with work)...but I pray you too are blessed and God totally tweaks it for you...

Matt 18:19- if two of you on earth AGREE about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven....Mackey talked about this, agreeing like whole heartedly agreeing with the person not just nodding your head in prayer, but wanting it the same way you desire something so strongly for yourself.

Matt 20:2-he agreed to pay them... it's the same AGREE which is also to BARGAIN.

Now consider the parable in Matt 20:1-16. About the workers in the yard. The first set of workers BARGAINED with the owner about their wage. Then they worked. Later the workers that were hired let the master say "I will pay you whatever is right" and the workers were content and they worked.

At the end of the day, each were paid 1 denarius. The ones that AGREED on it were no longer content because they saw they got the same amount as the people that had LET the master pay them.

Consider this: When you pray or ask for something, repeatedly (I'm going to use a significant other even though I'm married--I think this was a word for single people) like a spouse/bf/gf--it's like, Lord please please give me this. This is what I want. And then eventually (unless you've been called to singleness forever you would know-matt 19:11-12) the Lord will bless you with someone. BUT chances are you will NOT BE CONTENT because you've placed so many expectations on marriage because the "perfect person" has to do certain things... and because "those who marry will face many troubles in this life" (1 Corin 7:28)

But consider the person who has said, "Lord, whatever you bless me with for my work I will let you decide on my blessing" and then they are blessed with marriage--they will be totally stoked by it. Because they have placed no expectations on marriage, or their spouse or anything. They have built a relationship with their Lord, they understand that trials come and we are growing from these things...

See the difference in BARGAINING with your blessing, or allowing the Lord to decide your blessing? BOTH people above get the same blessing (marriage) but one is FAR more content in the Lord than the other.

So which are you? Do you BARGAIN for things you want, or do you wholly surrender and completely say, "Not mine but Your will be done Father."
Let us be a people who trust our Heavenly Father to care for us. To bless us beyond our imaginations. Who just focus on heaven and continue our work here on earth.

May God be blessed by your hearts and minds today brothers and sisters---Love ya!!

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