26 April 2008

Jon Courson Devos...

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Been pretty busy with work...but trying to read Jon Courson at work--and these past two days have been awesome with the devos. So I thought I'd share.
Catch you on the flip side!
April 25

And David said to Abiathar the priest, Ahimelech’s son, I pray thee, bring me hither the ephod. And Abiathar brought thither the
ephod to David. And David inquired at the LORD, saying, Shall I pursue after this troop? shall I overtake them? And he answered
him, Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all.
1 Samuel 30:7-8

After encouraging himself in the Lord, David inquired of the Lord. “What do You want me to do, Lord?” The Lord answered him
directly and quickly. And God will do the same with you.

It doesn’t take as much as you think. Satan will say, “So you want to hear from the Lord? That’s going to require three hours of
constant prayer, three days of fasting, three weeks of getting away. You only have thirty minutes? God’s not going to hear you.
Ten minutes? Forget about it. Three minutes? You’ve got to be kidding. God’s not going to give you direction in a three minute

I challenge that. Ask Peter. He was on the Sea of Galilee. He had been walking on the water, but now he’s sinking quickly. He
didn’t pray for three days, three months, three hours, or even three minutes. He prayed three words: “Lord, save me.” And the Lord
grabbed him by the hand and pulled him out of the water (Matthew 14:30).

Satan will say, “It takes a lot more. That’s not enough.”

But Jesus said, “Do not think you’re going to be heard because of your much speaking, your long praying. That’s a heathen concept.
When you pray, be simple” (see Matthew 6:7-8).

April 26

So David went, he and the six hundred men that were with him, and came to the brook Besor, where those that were left behind
stayed. But David pursued, he and four hundred men . . .
1 Samuel 30:9-10 (a)

Third, David was engaged with the Lord. Following praise and prayer, we see pursuit. Many times, people sit back and say, “Lord,
if You want good things to come my way, bring them to me.”

The Lord, however, says, “Take a step of faith. I’ll be with you. I’ll fight for you. But I want you to be engaged with Me. I
don’t want you passive because I want to prepare you for eternity.”

To Elijah - another man who was depressed and holed up in a cave - God said, “Why are you in this cave of depression? You know
better than this. I want you to go to Syria. I want you to anoint a new king. I want you to go to Israel and raise up a leader. I
want you to find a young man named Elisha and mentor him. I have work for you to do” (1 Kings 19).

The Lord says the same thing to us. “Why are you in this cave? You know better than that.” Do what you know, and you’ll know what
to do.

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