02 June 2008

Hafa adai!

At last an update.

Alas, no pics.

I've made it thru Okinawa and now am in Guam. Leaving soon tho, so pics will have to wait until after I get home. So far it's been pretty cool. Although lodging in Okinawa wasn't the best, esp with no internet in the rooms...the people were pretty awesome. Went out to dinner and karaoke, did some Japanese China shopping...got some Sweet Potato Ice Cream. Climbed inside of a radar dome (100 ft in the air!). It was neat.

Here the hotel is awesome! We're staying in the Sheraton. AMAZING. It's like I'm on my honeymoon, but there's no hubby (sadness). But the place is awesome, just expensive. I bought eye drops for $6! Geez yeah?

Unfortunately, I think I'm not fully recovered from my sickness, and possibly am getting worse (seemingly got better in Okinawa). Picked up some dayquil and nyquil today. Also, I pinched a nerve (I guess) flying here...and now my left arm is tingly... I tried a shiatsu massage tonight. It didn't help much, but felt amazing. That would definitely be an area of prayer.  (the healing, not the massage ;P)

Jessamy totally blessed me before I left (along with the help of others!) by getting encouragement notes for me each day that I was gone. They've been an encouragement and a reminder for sure. Although I haven't have QT every day (seemingly easier in Okinawa)... it's such a blessing to know others love me so much. I'm a huge attention needer. I'm realizing this. :|

Ok. Time to get upstairs soon and hit the hay. The nyquil is kicking in...and should rest well before tomorrow.

Aloha, and God bless.