30 March 2009

Busy day...

Well it started off picking up a friend from the airport and taking her to Mililani. At that point I was like, well I'm all the way out here, I might as well go to Waikele outlets and use my 25% off Carters coupon, and stop by Motherhood and Old Navy while I'm in the neighborhood. Well, relatively in the neighborhood. So I went, and I shopped, and I had lots of fun shopping for babies (not just mine, but others' too...which reminded me that I have no idea how big Kailia and Baby B are...and was scared to buy them stuff)...Turns out Carters was having a huge Easter sale, so things were like 40-60% off, AND I still got to use my 25% coupon. I didn't pay full price for anything today! :P

I walked away from the outlets with: stuff for others, burping clothes (not too big of a fan of them now...), 3bibs, 2 onesies, hooded towels, and 2 bodysuits for the little peanut. I got a new pair of shorts, a pair of yoga pants, and a sweet new top I can't wait to sport (possibly to Debutante ball on Saturday and church on Sunday--don't worry, I'll post a pic).

Then I scheduled a prenatal massage appt for tomorrow afternoon. I went to Little Cesars to treat on cheese sticks and sauce...then to Target to look for a reclining pillow (apparently hard to find on the island)...and walked out with the delicious bubbleshack nectar soap (http://www.bubbleshackhawaii.com/)-- something I'm excited to try and it was $8 cheaper than the bodywash version (thought I'd try a bar of soap for once)...

Called Leila but we had to reschedule our get together...so headed home where I started cleaning (relatively-dishes and laundry), then headed back out to get rid of old tennis shoes, bag of clothes, and luggage...I have to go to Niketown to drop off the shoes... but they're out of the house at least.

Then got to hang out with hubby for a little bit and Natasha came over and we ate and Wii'd it up. Quite a lot of fun actually, realized I've never really played the wii (minus the fit)...so it was a new experience for both of us. Just dropped her off... and now I'm realizing how tired I am...

That's it for the day. Hope all is well with you... and hopefully I'll be blogging a bit more these days. :)

24 March 2009

At last...


I'm only writing because I'm relatively horribly sick... and I am on quarters for 48hrs (Civilian translation: sent home from work for 2days). Although I'm off tomorrow, so really, not having to work today. Still grateful tho. The doc (midwife) gave me some cough medicine and little gel capsules to help subdue a horrendous cough I've managed to acquire. It's pretty bad. I won't go into details, but sometimes I cough so hard it's like I'm throwing up. Ok, enough details.

Marcus took this pic of me when I was home sick. I thought it wrapped up well how I felt...

Oh but anyway. The point of this post was to really tell you that... we have a crib! Well, we will have a crib by this afternoon. I had come to the conclusion I wanted a mini crib (smaller than regular size, and can still be used as headboards for a twin bed)...to save on space in our apt. These are hard to come by on Craigslist (trying to be thrifty), and run between $180-$300 (at least) through stores. I was also debating between white or cherry wood coloring for our crib and changing table...

I thought I'd randomly put up a WTB (want to buy) ad on Craigslist... just to see if anyone out there had a mini crib and were thinking about getting rid of it... I could urge them to sell it. Needless to say that day I got a response from a lady that had gotten two mini cribs for her baby shower, and was going to get rid of her other one.. a cherry wood color! Below is the store picture... The only thing is that apparently it's missing the wheels. She said when they put it together they weren't in the box... but it's ok, the stoppers are in the box (to prevent from rocking).

I just wanted to share this huge blessing. I mean, the timing is a bit earlier than I was expecting... but it was only $130! Plus it's totally brand new. It was scary though, she responded to me on Sunday and I had been out of the house ALL day and didn't get to check my email (perhaps a reason to get a blackberry :P) so I responded Sunday night and didn't hear back from her all day Monday. I thought she had probably sold it, and was a little bummed because it seemed so perfect. Apparently another couple had responded to her ad and was going to look at it Monday night, but they wanted to put it together in the parking lot (to make sure it's all there?) but this poor lady is ready to pop, and her husband is out of town.. she wasn't very excited about having to wait while they put it together. Needless to say, she liked me better/God worked it out and Marcus will be picking up the crib today before work (she is really close to his workplace). Even though I don't have to work today, I don't think I have enough in me to go out to Wahiawa and pick it up and drive back to town... so I'll have to wait until Marcus comes home with it tomorrow.

We won't be putting it together yet, I need to clear out the extra room (huge motivation now!)... but still. Isn't it cool how God worked it out?

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

16 March 2009

Little feet...

Cause little kicks. Lei reminded me today that perhaps I should start making notes of such big occasions... and indeed Zeke has been kicking. At first it wasn't too weird, something random and it was like, "ooh, I think he kicked" (not sure I believe much of that flutter thing everyone talks about)... but now that he's a tad bigger... it's more obvious to me. Dad got to feel it during the HIM conference, that was cool... it is quite a little miracle.

On the other note...Starting to watch what I eat (tracking and limiting sweet intake). Midwife wasn't too happy with my weight at last visit, and I can understand. Can't just let it all go just because you're pregnant. :P So along with tracking I'm shooting for at least 10min/day cardio (walking on incline treadmill) and 3xs of 30min cardio a week (probably swimming). Once I build this base, I can increase my 30min cardio times more per week. Just letting you know... so when you see me walking around with food, you can help keep me accountable. :)

On the food note. I've decided a pregnant woman's best friend is a lunch box. I've gotten relatively used to bringing my own food to functions... as without protein and some other stuff, I've definitely been knocked down and not feeling well. It's kinda fun, I feel like I'm in gradeschool. I should get a snazzy lunchbox. :P

That's it for now. night night!

13 March 2009


Well this weekend marks the annual HIM conference, a huge Christian gathering... and a chance to catch up with friends from other churches... everyone is so excited about the baby... and about my growing stomach (despite the midwife's/my alarm at my weigh in the other day!)... people looked at me (see below), and made comments... "You're so beautiful! Wow, you look great!" I couldn't believe it. I'm standing there, like really?!
Anyway. It's a blessing to see how one little baby can be a blessing to those around him that he hasn't even met yet... people rubbing the tummy, talking into, praying over him. It's encouraging.
So thanks everyone. For thinking I look great. For being so excited about a little alien inside my stomach, and for loving me (and Zeke).

02 March 2009

Updates... updates...

By now some of you may or may not have heard, it's a baby boy! Little Ezekiel was a little difficult during our appt (not for gender determination, but for checking out all his developing organs), but he appears to be very healthy!

He is definitely using all of his limbs... even though I can't really fell all of his movement now... it was very evident during our ultrasound session!

He's even decided to go ahead and start practicing yoga... or something. :D