13 March 2009


Well this weekend marks the annual HIM conference, a huge Christian gathering... and a chance to catch up with friends from other churches... everyone is so excited about the baby... and about my growing stomach (despite the midwife's/my alarm at my weigh in the other day!)... people looked at me (see below), and made comments... "You're so beautiful! Wow, you look great!" I couldn't believe it. I'm standing there, like really?!
Anyway. It's a blessing to see how one little baby can be a blessing to those around him that he hasn't even met yet... people rubbing the tummy, talking into, praying over him. It's encouraging.
So thanks everyone. For thinking I look great. For being so excited about a little alien inside my stomach, and for loving me (and Zeke).

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sgrissom.blogspot.com said...

You are absolutely radiant, and yes, we love all of you.

Aunt Sharon