16 March 2009

Little feet...

Cause little kicks. Lei reminded me today that perhaps I should start making notes of such big occasions... and indeed Zeke has been kicking. At first it wasn't too weird, something random and it was like, "ooh, I think he kicked" (not sure I believe much of that flutter thing everyone talks about)... but now that he's a tad bigger... it's more obvious to me. Dad got to feel it during the HIM conference, that was cool... it is quite a little miracle.

On the other note...Starting to watch what I eat (tracking and limiting sweet intake). Midwife wasn't too happy with my weight at last visit, and I can understand. Can't just let it all go just because you're pregnant. :P So along with tracking I'm shooting for at least 10min/day cardio (walking on incline treadmill) and 3xs of 30min cardio a week (probably swimming). Once I build this base, I can increase my 30min cardio times more per week. Just letting you know... so when you see me walking around with food, you can help keep me accountable. :)

On the food note. I've decided a pregnant woman's best friend is a lunch box. I've gotten relatively used to bringing my own food to functions... as without protein and some other stuff, I've definitely been knocked down and not feeling well. It's kinda fun, I feel like I'm in gradeschool. I should get a snazzy lunchbox. :P

That's it for now. night night!

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