13 April 2009

27 weeks... and counting

**started Monday night, finished Tues morning**
Well today marks 27 weeks... I feel like I should have something significant to say... but no. Not really. I'm afraid the stretch marks are getting worse (and this cream I'm trying isn't working). I did get to swim today at UH. It was niice. I like UH. It's heated. And today was long lanes. Makes swimming go by faster...and it was a beautiful day. Sunny...it was great.

Had to make sure I got out of the pool in time for my continuation training at work. Such joy. :P But I did get to volunteer *break* at Airmen's Attic after CT since it took so long... and then stopped by Michelle's house to pick up some goodies she got for Zeke... and to raid her massive DVD collection. Now I just need to make time to watch said DVDs.

Speaking of time. I find myself becoming overwhelmed with this long list of things that need to be done before baby comes. Need to figure out what the heck we're doing in the spare bedroom -keeping the twin for people who spend the night while watching baby-or getting rid of it? -getting rid of the woven bookshelf? Worse yet-getting rid of the desk if we don't get rid of the twin?! I suppose we could buy one of those foldup cushion mats and babysitters could sleep there (or the couch-which I think would be far more comfortable). I'm not sure.

Then we need to figure out what's going to happen in our living room. We want to take the same material that is on the enclosed lanai (these wooden planks thingies) and put it in the whole living room...should we have the NEX people do it or try ask around to see if there's a cheaper way. PLUS we gotta figure out what the heck to do with the couch while said floor is being done. *sigh* It's a BIG project. I think I'm procrastinating on it... because it's big? Because it's a lot of money... I dunno. Because I don't like committing to anything during pregnancy?

I also need to take measurements of the windows in the bedroom, so Kirby and I can start our little curtain project. Eeps! So much to do... so little time.

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