28 April 2009


The Lord has been beyond faithful lately, and despite the overwhelming day of errands that turned into an all day extravaganza, he is provided in ways I would not have imagined. He provided a night sitter for Zeke. He has removed the hindrance of this class that I was enrolled in (and not done anything-long story), without any financial obligation to the school or the Air Force. He has provided a potential solution to the "to get rid of or not to get rid of the bed" dilemma.

Just yesterday I begged him to remind me of his faithfulness, of his sovereignty, of his power. To help me trust him by not being anxious about getting ready for Z's arrival. And indeed "if we are faithless, he will remain faithful" (2Tim2:13). I am so blessed that God has answered these prayers, and made his power made evident in my life. How could I doubt his power? How could I doubt his love and desire to fulfill my needs and wants?

Thank you Lord for these blessings! For your heart, for your love, for your mercy and your grace. For all you've done. You indeed are more than I could ask for.

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