19 April 2009

Creeping in the third trimester!

Almost there. Or am I? I can't keep track of the official points when one trimester ends and the other begins... when one month is official and what not. Anyway. Tomorrow starts the 28week mark which is around the beginning of the 3rd trimester... meaning we're in the homestretch of meeting little Ezekiel. It's about the time I update with some pics, although I don't really think the stomach is getting much bigger (this is good-esp with the push to not try and gain weight as long as I can). You can judge for yourself...

270dweeks... and I really like this shirt!

27w6d belly marks...

27w6d (almost 28w close enough)

Anyway. On the lines of weight gain... I think that I might be up 2lbs... (the scale hasn't budged the last few days)... but that's better than the way that it was going. I'm going to try and stay away from sweets the next couple of days--my glucose screening test is on Thursday (when 28w appt is)--or I guess I can do it early on Tuesday before my Labor and Delivery tour. I've had this incredible craving for cake and ice cream. Okay, more the cake part. Like the moistness of cake and deliciousness of icing... mm. Well I'm hoping that some cornbread will help with the craving...

Speaking of eating... the last week hasn't been such a healthy week-sweets is definitely my weakness. My "one sweet a day" rule hasn't really faired so well. However, I did get 3 swim sessions in (40min, 23min, 50min), and a track workout (28min) with fast walking and weights workout. I also got to Yoga twice, and even did a 10min standing Pilates workout (eh... not my fave). I think this upcoming week my goal is to really be faithful to including the incline walking on the treadmill. And making sure I get some more weight training with lunges in there. I am eating more fruits and veggies... and trying to make sure I bring healthy snacks wherever I go.

The cool thing coming up is that I start my 8hr shifts tomorrow... and with the position I'm working it'll be 6a-2p, something I'm very excited about. The extra time, to really get ready for baby (cleaning out the room :P) and setting up. Not to mention work out... and it seems that getting more pregnant-means more frequent appts. So far I've been lucky and have only had one appt during work, and I'm trying to minimize the impact.

That's it for now (updates)... I think. Hopefully tomorrow I can share something cool God's been working on me lately.

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