07 April 2009

Opening eyes...

The ticker at the top tells me that he can now open his eyes. It also reminds me I have less than 100days until his expected date. It's interesting...today at Safeway Marcus asked me if I wanted some ice cream (I had to respectfully decline since I already had a haagan daaz bar today and a pop)... so he said he'd get me some flowers. I really like Easter Lilies but there was only one bouquet and it was like $30 so he suggested we could get a potted lily for like $8... and I didn't want to commit! LOL. Tell me that isn't ironic or funny... that we're expecting a baby and I don't want to commit to a stinkin potted plant.

Anyway. Just sharing a little story, so some of you still feel connected... Zeke is kicking a lot more now... and Marcus actually got to feel a good movement tonight. That was cool. I mean, for both of us. I feel like I always get to feel him move and he doesn't really.

That's it for now... :D God bless!

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