15 April 2009


can't stay long.... got back from yoga after work... love yoga. so grateful. it hurts, but i know it's good and i see myself making improvements and getting more flexible/stronger. so tired. tomorrow is my last 12hr shift until i return to work after zeke is born. when they first told me about 8hr shifts, i thought it was cool but i didn't think it was necessary. now i definitely think it's necessary (tiredness), and am very much looking forward to it.

does anyone know how to fix a stuck space bar on a keyboard? obviously it works, but it's annoying sometimes it sticks and then it gets unstuck and makes this noise. weird.

sadly, other than yoga didn't get a good work out in today. wanted to PT but i asked too late (lost track of time) and i wouldn't have had enough time (waited too long into shift). anyway. tomorrow is team pt... and we'll be on the track... and i'll be bringing my weights? so i can walk and do random weight things... it'll feel weird... for sure to do it in front of people... i dunno. oh well. for my health right?

the past couple days my friends have greatly blessed me with packages... little zeke got some very cute onesies, bibs, and knitted booties, and i got some sweet smelling soap and some lip gloss. i'm excited to try out the lip gloss...hopefully not allergic (have developed weird rash on lip when using certain chapsticks/lip gloss--sadness. i know).

anyway. that's it for now. zeke is kicking, time for bed. :)

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