11 April 2009


Well. I'm writing this blog in a little bit of deleriousness.. so forgive me if it's a little random. And I think that when I wanted to write this... I had a bit more interesting stuff to say..but reflecting on it, I'm not sure how great it really is.

Anyway. Today was a good day... even though it started off a bit rocky. My intentions were to wake up, do some good ole incline treadmill walking with weights, then head off to my prenatal yoga class... instead I ended up waking up 15 minutes before class was supposed to start. Unfortunately I was supposed to meet Michelle this morning, but I didn't understand the message last night, so I missed it. Needless to say I went off to yoga... and it was more full than it was Wednesday, with a different instructor (I think she opened the place). Let me tell you about this yoga place... I found it while googling prenatal yoga in Honolulu. The plus side is this place is like 1 block from my house so the location is ideal. The only thing was the first class was $10, and then afterwards it's $17/class unless you buy 5 classes for $75, or 10 for $125. After thinking about it, I realized how much I really really like the class. Because it's all pregnant ladies (hence prenatal yoga), and the times availabel are Wed 5-615pm and Sat/Sun 9-1015am. And the yoga is fun... and a good workout. So I decided to go ahead and invest $175 in my prenatal health. :)

So I went to yoga and after I got back I thought it'd be a good idea to finally get my heart rate up (since I've haven't worked out since... I dunno)... so I went on the treadmill for 30min. It was good. A good arm/shoulder workout too. After a great warm shower I started making my late breakfast (since by this time I'm starving and it's like 1145) so I start some rice, with corned beef hash and an egg while cleaning the kitchen. And I start getting ready to go to Bellows for Kev's bday grilling... but Sarah tells me due to inclement weather they ended early. I talk with Kimmy for a bit and then head over to Cold Stone instead... and had some a delicious concoction...imagine coffee ice cream mixed in with heath bar, oreo cookie, roasted almonds and peanut butter. Amazing.

By this time I'm starting to get super tired (fortunately the ice cream is acting like a little bit of an anecdote) and I get home and decide it's time to relax...and start watching "Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler. OMGOSH. Hilarious. It's great!!

Ok... I have a few hours before bedtime (work tomorrow).. so I'm thinking of making some salmon for the week. :D Happy Saturday!

PS-The sun finally started coming out today, and although it would have been a perfect day for beach or swimming--I was soo pooped that there was no way I could swim... and beaches are always full on Saturdays... so I'm just hoping that Mon/Tues will bring beautiful weather for my next weekend off.


Sallie Pope said...

Boy oh boy Bren! You are one busy Mommy-to-be! That's awesome! Plus, Yoga is amazing! I just started getting into it myself (after debating between Yoga or Pilates since both studios are across the street from my house) and I have to agree that it's quite a workout - mental and physical. I gotta see Bedtime Stories now for sure, I was thinking since it was Disney, it might not be that good, but I'm definitely going to have to rent it now. Happy Easter! What is on the agenda today?
Well, I miss you a ton girly! And please please get me know what you might need for when baby Zeke comes! I'm going to be mailing you a package here in a couple weeks, once I finish my little project for the little Mister, so if you think of anything he needs for when you get to bring him home. please please let me know!
I love you girly! Give Marcus a big hug for me!

Sarah said...

I wish your yoga was close to my house :(... but then it wouldn't be close to you hu? Mmmmm cold stone! Sorry about the rain out. Hmmm beach!!! Beach! Beach! Beach!