27 May 2009

33 weeks... and some change

From the upside looking down... 22 May

Ginormous I know. Don't worry I still have some weeks to get bigger! :P 22 May...32w4d

Just the belly...

Alrighty then. Where to start. I know it's been forever, how does time fly and get by me without getting to blog? Bad Brenda. Anyway...Here we are 33 weeks and a few days... (sorry the pics are almost a week old).
Let's do major developments:
-Found someone to do the flooring for about the half the cost of labor as the NEX. Uncle Resty and Uncle Noel (Mariko's Dad and neighbor). Big day-6 June. Going to try and knock it all out in a day... 290 sqft. We'll see how it goes. Slight possibility the new flooring is a little lighter than the stuff already in (enclosed lanai and kitchen), but eh. O well.
-Our one-on-one Bradley Birthing class is 4 June. Hoping to be worth the $100... 3 hours and personalized attention. PRO: Marcus and I can make the whole thing (as opposed to weekly classes), CON: don't meet other preggo couples. O well.
-Maternity Photos! Jessamy has volunteered to take some pics, as well as an old friend has given me some contact info for someone to do some underwater pics...
-Tweaked my back pretty badly yesterday. Work let me stay home today. Which consisted of laying down all day, minus going to dental sick call at one, then heading to Waipahu to have a chiropractic appt. Yesterday went to Tripler for back pain, gave me tylenol and flexiril, told me it should help and eventually pain will go away. Basically, I leaned over in the shower at the pool (yesterday) to wash my leg and got this shooting sharp pain. Cried out. Couldn't move... hard time getting around. Chiropractor did an adjustment, rubbed me down with some biofreeze, taped me up with some of that tapey stuff they use... sad should start feeling better, and to ice it 4xs/day for 20min.
-Dentist said they don't know what's wrong with me. Can't take xrays because I'm pregnant, unless an emergency. Seems like it's a cracked tooth (been bothering for over a week). Tried to suck it up, got worse, so finally came in. Their solution: file down the tooth a little. If pain persists/gets worse, then come in and I guess it's an "emergency" take xrays and do either crown or filling. Ugh.
That's about it... baby room is on hold for now, since all the living room stuff is going in there. Probably better that way, needed a break. Or something.
Time to shower and head to bed. Aloha!

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mamahughes said...

i am putting bets on little Z being here in the next 4 weeks. :) and you look amazing in your pics.

also, don't worry about meeting other preggo mommies at your bradley class. AND may i recommend honolulumommies.com? part of the mommy network...and my mommy group is pretty great!

i'm praying for you in your last weeks of pregnancy and as your new blessings and journey unfolds with the birth of your new baby boy. i definitely want updates and a text when you go to the hospital and when that little one is born! :)