13 May 2009

Off I go...

To yoga. But wanted to say some quick things...
-He definitely hangs out on the right side (gets into my ribs, have no idea how he's positioned).
-I am due 2 months from today! (13 July).
-Might have had my first braxton hicks contraction... interesting. I was just thinking, "I haven't had any braxton hicks yet..."
-I get very gassy after eating vegetarian/salad (figures, healthy stuff :P)
-Finally got the ball rolling on my curtain project with Kirby. Ordered the white material that goes towards the street side (also helps keep sunlight/heat out). Next, find double curtain rods I like...order them, then buy material...and get sewing!
-Beta Beta Gamma baby shower this weekend! Eeps!!

Alrighty, gotta go. I'm always late to Wednesday Yoga... :P

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