30 June 2009

attack of the cyst...

Well, I had my oral surgery consultation today. Apparently they've heard about me and were "excited to meet me" or something. Took another full panel xray because the other one wasn't completely that great. AND I forgot to pick up my dental records. I begged them not to make me drive back to Hickam to get them (they didn't-thankfully).

So the verdict is ...nothing. :P I have an appt next week to do a biopsy on it (they'll go in and give me local anesthesia and take some of it out to run tests on it). Then from there, we'll know what kind of procedure needs to be done to take care of it. And apparently if I have any trauma to the right side of my face I'll break my jaw. He said, "if you're in a car accident or something" and I was thinking, "I'd be more concerned about going into labor with a car accident vs breaking my jaw" but whatevs. I guess he wants to take the biopsy before baby is born, because afterwards I won't feel like doing anything for 6weeks or something - I tried to tell him that I'm mentally prepared for after baby to go straight to oral surgery and get this fixed. I don't think he really believed me.

That's it for now. Had my 38 week appt today, she asked if I was having contractions-I said no.. she asked if I had any questions. Very uneventful (but that's ok). Baby heartbeat is good, fondal measurement is normal and she pegged him at "7/8 lbs" right now. Holy smokes. That's enough to make me stop eating right now. Except I just ate 3 mochi ice creams. But before that I had grapes. :P She also said to help with swelling to stop eating salt and processed foods. So basically fruits and veggies. *sigh* but ice cream is soo good!

Alright. Nap time, Mario has agreed to take some pics of M&I before baby comes... hope they turn out ok (aka I hope I look good :P)

29 June 2009

38 weeks...

Hooray!! We're nearing the end... at least one can only hope it's close to the end (and he's not one of those 42 week babies... poor Sarah-not this time tho right? :P).

Today was a fairly good day. I mean, I had to be at work at 4am (quite early), but getting off at noon was super sweet. I picked up my ABU top from the alteration place (new rank sewn on) and I got home at 2! Took a nap and then met Sherri for a swim and then Marcus and I went for our first "let's get the baby out" walk around the block. It definitely did something, it wasn't comfortable all the time, but at least I'm doing more to get him "down." And when I was swimming, oh it was awesome, I felt so good! And it was even nice to walk around (I'd been avoiding it because of swollen ankles, but it was fun with Marcus).

Sad to miss Lei's surprise party tonight, but prayerfully she's super blessed. Time for bed!

27 June 2009


Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted some pictures of the belly. Since I was uploading some pics from my mini-promotion ceremony this morning, I thought I'd go ahead and get them on blogger. :)

Today marked my official "date of rank" as a first lieutenant in the AF. To celebrate people usually (but don't have to), go through this thing of redoing the officer oath and having family/friends "pin on" their new rank. I opted for a sunrise event, at the same beach Marcus and I got married at, and I got baptized at-Kahala Beach. Capt Brian Herman did my oath, a former instructor from my AFROTC detachment.

Repeating the oath...

Super supportive and silent cheerleader hubby :)

For some belly shots... it's been a while... I think it's cause in my brain I'm so huge, I'm not sure I can get any bigger, or if anyone actually wants to see me that big :P

Sporting my new birthday dress before I head out for my day of fun... hanging out by the pool, massage and facial at the Hale Koa! 13 June- 35w5d

Off to dinner with Brian and his family- 25 June 37w3d

Attack of the swollen-ness :) After dinner that night.
That's it for now. I think I'm about ready to take a little nap a roo :)

23 June 2009

another toothie update...


A wonderful Dr Young has taken an interest in my case. He was the dentist on call last weekend when I went into the clinic like 10 min before closing because I needed a referral for an oral surgeon. He called me on Saturday to check on my pain and make sure this hasn't turned into an infection. He also told me he wanted me to come in to get a full panel xray (where they do the whole mouth).

He called me yesterday asking if I could come in... so I went in today and saw my whole mouth. The little fillings are interesting cause they show up super white. But nevermind. He measured the cyst (we're calling it a cyst for now) at about an inch in length going up into my jaw (close to my ears). He's also not sure if it has extended further (a little bit darker than normal), he said it could be anatomy (but when I compared it to the other side, it really didn't look the same). Needless to say, he's forwarding all my information to an oral surgeon at Tripler, who will probably be calling me tomorrow, and my appt for July 1st with the civilian oral surgeon will be cancelled as I will be come Tripler's case now. The bad news is that they're probably going to wait until baby comes in order to take care of this pain/problem (aka extract teeth, or at least the one tooth). I guess it's not too bad, except I do think it might be getting a bit worse. I'm finding it harder to open my mouth wide (like to take bites and stuff)... but I'm surviving.

Indeed prayers are requested for healing (how awesome would a miracle be-the next xray shows nothing!) as well as for relief of pain during labor. If I clench down during contractions, I'll be in a lot more pain from my mouth. Another reason that I need to stay calm during labor... prevent more mouth pain. I guess it's a pretty good reason to want Zeke to come earlier than later, so I can get this tooth taken out!

Well, time for bed. 6am work start tomorrow (not nearly as early as 345 that will be next week ...) and at the rate I'm going, I'll need all the sleep I can get!


21 June 2009

Aaaaalmost 37 weeks...

Tomorrow marks the 37 week point. At this time, I'm just thinking, c'mon baby, you can come early. The uncomfortable-ness is setting in. A lot less positions are enjoyable: standing, sitting, even laying down. But of all of them, laying down is most comfortable. I'm not looking forward to those final days at work. This past weekend has been a blessing tho, because of Tricia's wedding Saturday I had off this weekend (but worked a half day on Friday to help out team). So it'll be a long period of not working (go back on Wed). However, there are extracurricular activities that require my presence on base tomorrow and Tuesday (eh), but one could always complain about having to do stuff on your off days. At this point, I think I'm so busy doing baby prep that it kind of doesn't bother me, because I end up doing errands and stuff anyway on my days off.

This past week has been a douzy tho. I found myself very emotional, very cranky, and not very loving at all. I did a lot of complaining and had a lot of frustration with things not going my way or the way I'd want them to. My birthday (was the 13th, got some late gifts) did a lot to show my selfishness (like-why did they get me this, I don't even shop there) kind of thing... instead of being stoked for what was given to me. Trying not to nitpick things but finding it hard not to vocalize things. I think it's probably been the hardest on Marcus since he's around me the most and I pick on things he does. Not the respectful supporting wife that God calls me to be...Could use extra prayer in regards to that.

Anyway. Well our crib is finally set up in the baby room. But I'm still trying to clean out things and organize the rest of it. On the lookout for another dresser (one already in closet, thinking another one by the crib). Apparently I have 3boxes of newborn clothing on the way and there's no real room for all those clothes (hence the other dresser). It's been interesting trying to go through the boxes of items that have already been sent. I have to remind myself that there was good intentions even if some of it seems ridiculous and cannot be used (I have 2 full size crib sets that I can't use-I have a mini crib, along with full size crib sheets). Also need to purchase a baby swing, and a breast feeding pillow. Purchased a bassinet for $8 (so cheap yea?) we'll keep that one in the parents' room for the beginning months until he moves into crib (hopefully). Breast pump is on the way...thinking I'll end up getting some sort of breast milk organizer for our freezer...I want to stock up before I go back to work. Something cool is that Target sent us a 10% off coupon of anything still left on the registry... so depending on pricing (vs BX/NEX) I'll go back and finish off getting stuff (milk organizer, little ducky for disposing diapers, etc).

I think that's about all I have to talk about... I guess I'll catch ya'll later.
Alohas and God bless-

19 June 2009

broke da mouth...

and not in the "good food" kind.

I had my appt today with the endodontist today. It was supposed to be them looking at my tooth and fixing it, most likely ending in a root canal. I got there, and when they took the xray the dr was amazed. My infection or whatever it is, is ginormous. The dr said it's the biggest he's seen in a while. He actually thinks it's a cyst, but either way, it has to be looked at and diagnosed by an oral surgeon. The black stuff under the tooth is bad.

So I had to drive back to Hickam where they looked at the xray and all... and referred me to an oral surgeon. Unfortunately that appt is July 1st. I should not have waited so long to agree to the xray. In the meantime... I have to keep an eye on the swelling (my jaw is slightly swollen) to make sure it doesn't spread, and check for fever (indication of infection). On the plus side, if it's a cyst, it's most likely not going to affect baby. And apparently this one tooth is beyond repair and will be taken out completely. I guess it's good that I mentally wanted to have my tooth pulled instead of a root canal. LOL. O well.

Alright. I'm pooped. I need a small kine nap before I do my hw...that's due tonight. Bad Brenda.

18 June 2009

Underwater maternity photos

I had this idea of taking underwater maternity photos. You can google underwater maternity pics and you'll that most of them are naked with some sort of floating material around them... very artsy, a little weird, usually in a pool, and not really me. But I was sure that I love the water (especially the ocean) and I wanted to try and capture the beauty of the ocean with this so called beauty of being pregnant. :)

With that in mind, it took a lot to try and get this coordinated. Original photographer had to back out, secondary didn't work, so it was Laney and I, using Jessamy's Olympus camera that takes underwater pics. Here are some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy.

Taken 17 June, 36w2d.

If you want to see all of my favorites, you can check out the facebook album.

16 June 2009

36 weeks... dun dun dun

Ok. I think it's been a long time since I've updated anything. Last night I considered updating, but decided sleep was much more important. I think I've gotten to the point that I've pushed my body so long with lack of sleep (getting like 6-7hrs before work, maybe 8-9 on off days, hardly napping...) that it's decided to rebel and make me sleep. I say this as it's past my bedtime and I have an early morning.

Anyway. 38 week appt was yesterday. Midwife said baby hasn't dropped yet. Fondal measurement is right on, and I need to slow down my weight gain. :< O well. Also, I asked about the whole tooth thing. She told me I needed to have it checked out. It was not related to pregnancy and if I had an infection, it could *worse case* spread into blood stream, and affect baby and/or my heart and other organs. Of course this made me a little frustrated... and I wasn't sure if I should have gone back to the dentist earlier (remember, she -my dentist- thought I had a cracked tooth, we filed down a little, and then the next day I had tingling on my bottom right side of my lip. She had no idea what caused this, but told me if it got worse to come back). Anyway. Midwife assured me the exposure to xrays was minimal for baby, as well as lidocaine for root canals-especially when considering what could happen if the infection spread.

So after a crazy day at work and having to leave early without all my charts being done (I hate doing this), I went to dental sick call. Fortunately I got to see the same dentist as before (she saw me all three times that one week I went), and I told her what the midwife said. She redid all the tests as before, except now I've lost the ability to feel coldness. It was sad (like in the movies when the dr asks the patient, can you feel me pinch your toes- and the patient can't). So they do the xray and there is an infection. She's not sure how far down, but because this is now considered an 'emergency' I have been referred to a civilian dentist where they can see much sooner than the military peeps. I have my appt on Friday, where they will most likey redo all those tests to confirm that I indeed have a cracked tooth and do have an infection. What most likely happened is the cracked tooth allowed some bacteria into the nerve area and that's what caused the tingling and why it's lost sensitivity to the coldness. I am beyond the pain (altho tooth doesn't hurt too much, still hurts to chew in general, esp on that side, but the outside of my jaw hurts the most to touch), I am more concerned about baby's health. I know that as long as I'm ok, baby is probably ok.

That's the biggest development for now. Hopefully I can post again to talk about my bday... it was good fun (even tho I've completely turned into this monster that is soo critical and not grateful *ugh*).

night night.

10 June 2009


Today has been quite a day! Not only is it our 3 year anniversary (10 June), but the flooring is all done today, AND the NEX started their recliner sale today and we saved $130 on our recliner! Yay!

Marcus and I discussed that after work I would go straight to the store to make sure we could use the 20% off on something we (I) liked. Did I mention instead of getting a rocking chair, Marcus decided that a rocking recliner was a much better idea because not only would it be able to rock baby to sleep, but parent would be comfortable and able to sleep too. Anyway... the one chair I really liked was out of stock, and she said that they could put me on the call list (they call me when they get more). Unfortunately she said the next order could come in about 6-8weeks. So I tried calling Marcus and he said that I should try to find one that I liked. The next one that I liked (and started to like the longer I sat in it) was only an extra $30. So we decided to go ahead and get it (plus there is a 7 day return policy). Needless to say I get to the front and the lady tells me it's the last one...I was thinking, "man all those people sitting on it..." then she told me she would give mae a discount since it's the display. 10% off! So we got 30% off which was $130! When it got home and Marcus and dad brought it upstairs (and I put felt on the bottom)...

He was definitely pleased! Happy Father's Day!


The floors are all done!! Praise GOD!!

Tipping the couch... to get felt on the bottom :)


Tomorrow is a long day at work, doing a 8-4shift, which actually works out nicely since I have a mandatory meeting from 3:30-4:30p. I just have to make sure I don't get caught in morning traffic. Now that the floors are done, we can focus on getting baby room ready (which includes getting stuff out of it and into the living room). Also, we're going to be touching up the walls (since the part that was enclosed from the lanai was painted with a flat white instead of glossy white like the rest of the walls--then they touched up other parts of the glossy wall with the flat paint-lol). The baby room has lots to be done... not just cleaning out (the living room furniture), but cleaning cleaning it out... as well as putting up the curtains and getting a dresser for the closet. Then we can worry about putting the crib together. :)

Got some footage of Zeke moving around...sorry, I'm always recording stuff while I'm watching something-this time it's James Bond (Octopussy). Watching old school bond

Well enjoy. Off to get ready for bed! night night.

08 June 2009


Well, this whole flooring thing has turned into quite an adventure. It was supposed to be a one day job, and a savings since it was half the cost of labor as potentially could have been if we had the NEX installers do it. However, some issues came up, and we're stretching into the third day of the project-but they can't come today because one is sick, so they're aiming for Wed.

Here's the dealio. Saturday was the first day. In hindsight dangerous since neither Marcus nor I would be there in the AM to help them...fortunately Marcus's mom let them in. First problem: the preexisting wood laminate on the lania didn't match up with the type of material we had purchased (no easy way to connect them, without using a transition). Since they couldn't get a hold of me or Marcus, (hindsight mistake #2, give them my work number) they went ahead and ripped out the lanai laminate and just covered the whole floor with the same material.

Second problem: our floors are not even. Between the lanai transitioning to the living room is a dip, so to try and even it out, they used double padding (instead of wood or something to build it up and make even)...so although the floor is relatively level, you walk across it and it's squishy and the boards bend a little. Hopfully just a cosmetic issue and not something that could get destroyed later. Because of this, they were going to run out of material (the original measurements didn't include doing the lanai), so fortunately we were able to order more laminate and padding from American Carpet to be picked up Saturday after work. Quarter rounds wouldn't be available until Wed, but since they were going to come back Sunday to finish, no time, so we'd just get quarter rounds from Lowe's or Home Depot.

Sunday comes and goes (poor Marcus had to stay home from church, wasn't able to play worship :/--since I worked) and they had to leave a little early because Uncle Noel's son was graduating. They weren't able to finish, were going to come back this morning. I told Marcus to go ahead and go out and do whatevers, and I'll stay home today (since his day off yesterday was shot)... but I guess one is not feeling very well, and they're going to come back Wednesday. Problematic-Marcus and I both work that day. I tried to call Uncle Resty to see if they could come on Tuesday and to ask about quarter rounds (if they wanted me to try and get it, and how much), but no answer.

Alas... this 'one day' project will hopefully be done very very soon (before Saturday and birthday dinner)...

Alright. Since I'm free this morning, off to go to water aerobics and then Mari's house for Tricia's wedding favors...

06 June 2009


Good morning!

Amazingly, to make up for sleeping in incredibly late yesterday (woke up at 530, have to be at work at 6, work is like 20min away) I had to make sure I was up in order to get to Leonard's Bakery (opens at 530) to get malasadas for the team. Now, what's so interesting is not really the fact that I was out of bed at 430ish (although that's a good feat), but the treadmill is blocking the kitchen (today is new flooring day, everything out of living room except couch) so I can't get into the kitchen. Slightly annoying, but necessary. Anyway. I'm amazed because I realized I spend most of my morning time in the kitchen! Now that it's blocked, it's 5 am and I'm ready for work. Going to leave soon, once the pics upload, but thought I could make a post. :)

Before pics, looking towards door. They'll be working up to the couch, then move the couch to the other side...

Hallway...10' board can't be moved into bedroom... I should have taken a pic of the treadmill blocking the kitchen :D

From the front door looking at the room-so excited to say goodbye to carpet!


Praise Report: I was freaking out about my HW (taking one online master's class at Wayland Baptist), because I thought in my head and in my calendar that it was due on Saturday, but when I checked it Thursday evening, it was due on Friday. Part of the reason late yesterday to work was because I was up doing my hw...and was able to finish it yesterday at Mariko's house after work. Coolness- I got all 10pts for my discussion board posts! I was super stoked! Now a new week ahead, and I can start reading (after today)...and my DB posts can be better, and maybe even start looking ahead at the big projects.

Speaking of today: the flooring will get started in the morning (Uncle Resty and Noel will be over, and Mom-in-law will be letting them in). Yesterday we went go pick up materials (as scheduled and told to them) at 230pm, but apparently the driver hadn't returned with some of our stuff (the transitions and quarter rounds-final touches for flooring). So we waited around for a little bit only for them to not be able to get a hold of the driver... so finally at 330ish Uncle Resty asks them to deliver it to our place tomorrow. I was so mad. Really, pickup was any time today between 8 and 430, how you gonna not have the whole order ready until after 330?!?! Pregnant lady was mad and frustrated. Good thing Uncle Resty was around.

Off to get malasadas and then to work! Alohas and God bless!

01 June 2009

34 weeks-ish...

I started this post a couple nights ago... you know how it goes. use the PC to upload pics...then write the blog. Anyway...thought I'd finally make a post before heading to bed....

All baby showered! Saturday was the church+miscellaneous and was super blessed! The girls chipped in and bought the carseat...we got 3 bumbos (apparently everyone went to Target that day :P), diapers, cute clothes, milk storage bags, a Maclaren Rocker, an Ergo Carrier, baby bath, bathing stuff, a baby sign language book, and some other goodies. Jessamy did a great job pulling it all together, thanks to Angie for letting us use your place, and to everyone for their presence and generous gifts! Here's the bottle bag from Cindy Y... :)

Sunday was the AF baby shower. Small, intimate setting. :) But still fun. It was co-ed so Marcus got to join in the festivities...

Got this sweet lei from Kirby, the hostess of the AF shower. Got more diapers, some cute bathing stuff, burping clothes, memory book (very stoked!), and some mula to help offset future costs.

Kirby had these cool balloons and I asked Marcus to take them home with him... I saw him leaving and he just looked so content (notice he isn't holding onto the balloons). I had to take this pic (we drove separately).

Later that evening we had dinner with the future newlyweds (June 20th). It was some onolicious yakiniku....it was a fun time.

Both these pics are not quite 34weeks, but close enough...31 May 33w6d

Jason told me that he was a little traumatized by the belly pics... so I'll put a warning on a post before I show the whole world the scary stretch marks. :P None today tho.

We also got some gifts in the mail (it's like Christmas or something...or as Marcus says, "it's like Zeke had a party and he wasn't invited :P LOL). We got the baby wrap, diaper bag (it's a messenger bag-to not strip Marcus of his dignity...nah jk. well I liked it too), and the extra car seat base. All the big ticket items are taken care of (he can come home from the hospital, and he has a place to sleep)--thank you everyone!

For our wish list...we will be purchasing a recliner (part Father's day gift for Marcus)...he says if baby spends a lot of time sleeping on people, then at least people should be super comfortable. I think he has a point. Plus, I kinda like the idea of a recliner instead of a rocking chair or something. Sturdier, bigger, more comfy. It helps the NEX is having a 20% off sale for Father's day. We're also looking into camcorders (I think he's checking out the different kinds). Other than that...the wish list continues...breast pump, kicking coaster, graco swing (just put the car seat in it!), and the BOB carseat adaptor so we can use the jogging stroller as a regular stroller before he gets big enough to be in the BOB. We have been very blessed tho, and we're super grateful for everyone's help preparing for baby's arrival (which is prayerfully earlier than later).

That's it for now, gotta finish getting ready for bed. Hopefully I can be asleep before Marcus comes home...