01 June 2009

34 weeks-ish...

I started this post a couple nights ago... you know how it goes. use the PC to upload pics...then write the blog. Anyway...thought I'd finally make a post before heading to bed....

All baby showered! Saturday was the church+miscellaneous and was super blessed! The girls chipped in and bought the carseat...we got 3 bumbos (apparently everyone went to Target that day :P), diapers, cute clothes, milk storage bags, a Maclaren Rocker, an Ergo Carrier, baby bath, bathing stuff, a baby sign language book, and some other goodies. Jessamy did a great job pulling it all together, thanks to Angie for letting us use your place, and to everyone for their presence and generous gifts! Here's the bottle bag from Cindy Y... :)

Sunday was the AF baby shower. Small, intimate setting. :) But still fun. It was co-ed so Marcus got to join in the festivities...

Got this sweet lei from Kirby, the hostess of the AF shower. Got more diapers, some cute bathing stuff, burping clothes, memory book (very stoked!), and some mula to help offset future costs.

Kirby had these cool balloons and I asked Marcus to take them home with him... I saw him leaving and he just looked so content (notice he isn't holding onto the balloons). I had to take this pic (we drove separately).

Later that evening we had dinner with the future newlyweds (June 20th). It was some onolicious yakiniku....it was a fun time.

Both these pics are not quite 34weeks, but close enough...31 May 33w6d

Jason told me that he was a little traumatized by the belly pics... so I'll put a warning on a post before I show the whole world the scary stretch marks. :P None today tho.

We also got some gifts in the mail (it's like Christmas or something...or as Marcus says, "it's like Zeke had a party and he wasn't invited :P LOL). We got the baby wrap, diaper bag (it's a messenger bag-to not strip Marcus of his dignity...nah jk. well I liked it too), and the extra car seat base. All the big ticket items are taken care of (he can come home from the hospital, and he has a place to sleep)--thank you everyone!

For our wish list...we will be purchasing a recliner (part Father's day gift for Marcus)...he says if baby spends a lot of time sleeping on people, then at least people should be super comfortable. I think he has a point. Plus, I kinda like the idea of a recliner instead of a rocking chair or something. Sturdier, bigger, more comfy. It helps the NEX is having a 20% off sale for Father's day. We're also looking into camcorders (I think he's checking out the different kinds). Other than that...the wish list continues...breast pump, kicking coaster, graco swing (just put the car seat in it!), and the BOB carseat adaptor so we can use the jogging stroller as a regular stroller before he gets big enough to be in the BOB. We have been very blessed tho, and we're super grateful for everyone's help preparing for baby's arrival (which is prayerfully earlier than later).

That's it for now, gotta finish getting ready for bed. Hopefully I can be asleep before Marcus comes home...

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