16 June 2009

36 weeks... dun dun dun

Ok. I think it's been a long time since I've updated anything. Last night I considered updating, but decided sleep was much more important. I think I've gotten to the point that I've pushed my body so long with lack of sleep (getting like 6-7hrs before work, maybe 8-9 on off days, hardly napping...) that it's decided to rebel and make me sleep. I say this as it's past my bedtime and I have an early morning.

Anyway. 38 week appt was yesterday. Midwife said baby hasn't dropped yet. Fondal measurement is right on, and I need to slow down my weight gain. :< O well. Also, I asked about the whole tooth thing. She told me I needed to have it checked out. It was not related to pregnancy and if I had an infection, it could *worse case* spread into blood stream, and affect baby and/or my heart and other organs. Of course this made me a little frustrated... and I wasn't sure if I should have gone back to the dentist earlier (remember, she -my dentist- thought I had a cracked tooth, we filed down a little, and then the next day I had tingling on my bottom right side of my lip. She had no idea what caused this, but told me if it got worse to come back). Anyway. Midwife assured me the exposure to xrays was minimal for baby, as well as lidocaine for root canals-especially when considering what could happen if the infection spread.

So after a crazy day at work and having to leave early without all my charts being done (I hate doing this), I went to dental sick call. Fortunately I got to see the same dentist as before (she saw me all three times that one week I went), and I told her what the midwife said. She redid all the tests as before, except now I've lost the ability to feel coldness. It was sad (like in the movies when the dr asks the patient, can you feel me pinch your toes- and the patient can't). So they do the xray and there is an infection. She's not sure how far down, but because this is now considered an 'emergency' I have been referred to a civilian dentist where they can see much sooner than the military peeps. I have my appt on Friday, where they will most likey redo all those tests to confirm that I indeed have a cracked tooth and do have an infection. What most likely happened is the cracked tooth allowed some bacteria into the nerve area and that's what caused the tingling and why it's lost sensitivity to the coldness. I am beyond the pain (altho tooth doesn't hurt too much, still hurts to chew in general, esp on that side, but the outside of my jaw hurts the most to touch), I am more concerned about baby's health. I know that as long as I'm ok, baby is probably ok.

That's the biggest development for now. Hopefully I can post again to talk about my bday... it was good fun (even tho I've completely turned into this monster that is soo critical and not grateful *ugh*).

night night.

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