29 June 2009

38 weeks...

Hooray!! We're nearing the end... at least one can only hope it's close to the end (and he's not one of those 42 week babies... poor Sarah-not this time tho right? :P).

Today was a fairly good day. I mean, I had to be at work at 4am (quite early), but getting off at noon was super sweet. I picked up my ABU top from the alteration place (new rank sewn on) and I got home at 2! Took a nap and then met Sherri for a swim and then Marcus and I went for our first "let's get the baby out" walk around the block. It definitely did something, it wasn't comfortable all the time, but at least I'm doing more to get him "down." And when I was swimming, oh it was awesome, I felt so good! And it was even nice to walk around (I'd been avoiding it because of swollen ankles, but it was fun with Marcus).

Sad to miss Lei's surprise party tonight, but prayerfully she's super blessed. Time for bed!

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natalie.brown said...

Can't believe you only have a couple weeks left! Sounds like you are ready though:) And thanks for such a cute thank you card...always so thoughtful!!