21 June 2009

Aaaaalmost 37 weeks...

Tomorrow marks the 37 week point. At this time, I'm just thinking, c'mon baby, you can come early. The uncomfortable-ness is setting in. A lot less positions are enjoyable: standing, sitting, even laying down. But of all of them, laying down is most comfortable. I'm not looking forward to those final days at work. This past weekend has been a blessing tho, because of Tricia's wedding Saturday I had off this weekend (but worked a half day on Friday to help out team). So it'll be a long period of not working (go back on Wed). However, there are extracurricular activities that require my presence on base tomorrow and Tuesday (eh), but one could always complain about having to do stuff on your off days. At this point, I think I'm so busy doing baby prep that it kind of doesn't bother me, because I end up doing errands and stuff anyway on my days off.

This past week has been a douzy tho. I found myself very emotional, very cranky, and not very loving at all. I did a lot of complaining and had a lot of frustration with things not going my way or the way I'd want them to. My birthday (was the 13th, got some late gifts) did a lot to show my selfishness (like-why did they get me this, I don't even shop there) kind of thing... instead of being stoked for what was given to me. Trying not to nitpick things but finding it hard not to vocalize things. I think it's probably been the hardest on Marcus since he's around me the most and I pick on things he does. Not the respectful supporting wife that God calls me to be...Could use extra prayer in regards to that.

Anyway. Well our crib is finally set up in the baby room. But I'm still trying to clean out things and organize the rest of it. On the lookout for another dresser (one already in closet, thinking another one by the crib). Apparently I have 3boxes of newborn clothing on the way and there's no real room for all those clothes (hence the other dresser). It's been interesting trying to go through the boxes of items that have already been sent. I have to remind myself that there was good intentions even if some of it seems ridiculous and cannot be used (I have 2 full size crib sets that I can't use-I have a mini crib, along with full size crib sheets). Also need to purchase a baby swing, and a breast feeding pillow. Purchased a bassinet for $8 (so cheap yea?) we'll keep that one in the parents' room for the beginning months until he moves into crib (hopefully). Breast pump is on the way...thinking I'll end up getting some sort of breast milk organizer for our freezer...I want to stock up before I go back to work. Something cool is that Target sent us a 10% off coupon of anything still left on the registry... so depending on pricing (vs BX/NEX) I'll go back and finish off getting stuff (milk organizer, little ducky for disposing diapers, etc).

I think that's about all I have to talk about... I guess I'll catch ya'll later.
Alohas and God bless-

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Sarah said...

U have gotten SO many great finds!!! I really need to make it over to see them, I too am feeling the cranky, achy, blehs... hang in there, we're almost done. :) Doesn't it make you crazy that God knows exactly when our babies are going to be born and won't even give us a hint... lol :) How amazing He is!