23 June 2009

another toothie update...


A wonderful Dr Young has taken an interest in my case. He was the dentist on call last weekend when I went into the clinic like 10 min before closing because I needed a referral for an oral surgeon. He called me on Saturday to check on my pain and make sure this hasn't turned into an infection. He also told me he wanted me to come in to get a full panel xray (where they do the whole mouth).

He called me yesterday asking if I could come in... so I went in today and saw my whole mouth. The little fillings are interesting cause they show up super white. But nevermind. He measured the cyst (we're calling it a cyst for now) at about an inch in length going up into my jaw (close to my ears). He's also not sure if it has extended further (a little bit darker than normal), he said it could be anatomy (but when I compared it to the other side, it really didn't look the same). Needless to say, he's forwarding all my information to an oral surgeon at Tripler, who will probably be calling me tomorrow, and my appt for July 1st with the civilian oral surgeon will be cancelled as I will be come Tripler's case now. The bad news is that they're probably going to wait until baby comes in order to take care of this pain/problem (aka extract teeth, or at least the one tooth). I guess it's not too bad, except I do think it might be getting a bit worse. I'm finding it harder to open my mouth wide (like to take bites and stuff)... but I'm surviving.

Indeed prayers are requested for healing (how awesome would a miracle be-the next xray shows nothing!) as well as for relief of pain during labor. If I clench down during contractions, I'll be in a lot more pain from my mouth. Another reason that I need to stay calm during labor... prevent more mouth pain. I guess it's a pretty good reason to want Zeke to come earlier than later, so I can get this tooth taken out!

Well, time for bed. 6am work start tomorrow (not nearly as early as 345 that will be next week ...) and at the rate I'm going, I'll need all the sleep I can get!


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