30 June 2009

attack of the cyst...

Well, I had my oral surgery consultation today. Apparently they've heard about me and were "excited to meet me" or something. Took another full panel xray because the other one wasn't completely that great. AND I forgot to pick up my dental records. I begged them not to make me drive back to Hickam to get them (they didn't-thankfully).

So the verdict is ...nothing. :P I have an appt next week to do a biopsy on it (they'll go in and give me local anesthesia and take some of it out to run tests on it). Then from there, we'll know what kind of procedure needs to be done to take care of it. And apparently if I have any trauma to the right side of my face I'll break my jaw. He said, "if you're in a car accident or something" and I was thinking, "I'd be more concerned about going into labor with a car accident vs breaking my jaw" but whatevs. I guess he wants to take the biopsy before baby is born, because afterwards I won't feel like doing anything for 6weeks or something - I tried to tell him that I'm mentally prepared for after baby to go straight to oral surgery and get this fixed. I don't think he really believed me.

That's it for now. Had my 38 week appt today, she asked if I was having contractions-I said no.. she asked if I had any questions. Very uneventful (but that's ok). Baby heartbeat is good, fondal measurement is normal and she pegged him at "7/8 lbs" right now. Holy smokes. That's enough to make me stop eating right now. Except I just ate 3 mochi ice creams. But before that I had grapes. :P She also said to help with swelling to stop eating salt and processed foods. So basically fruits and veggies. *sigh* but ice cream is soo good!

Alright. Nap time, Mario has agreed to take some pics of M&I before baby comes... hope they turn out ok (aka I hope I look good :P)

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