10 June 2009


Today has been quite a day! Not only is it our 3 year anniversary (10 June), but the flooring is all done today, AND the NEX started their recliner sale today and we saved $130 on our recliner! Yay!

Marcus and I discussed that after work I would go straight to the store to make sure we could use the 20% off on something we (I) liked. Did I mention instead of getting a rocking chair, Marcus decided that a rocking recliner was a much better idea because not only would it be able to rock baby to sleep, but parent would be comfortable and able to sleep too. Anyway... the one chair I really liked was out of stock, and she said that they could put me on the call list (they call me when they get more). Unfortunately she said the next order could come in about 6-8weeks. So I tried calling Marcus and he said that I should try to find one that I liked. The next one that I liked (and started to like the longer I sat in it) was only an extra $30. So we decided to go ahead and get it (plus there is a 7 day return policy). Needless to say I get to the front and the lady tells me it's the last one...I was thinking, "man all those people sitting on it..." then she told me she would give mae a discount since it's the display. 10% off! So we got 30% off which was $130! When it got home and Marcus and dad brought it upstairs (and I put felt on the bottom)...

He was definitely pleased! Happy Father's Day!


The floors are all done!! Praise GOD!!

Tipping the couch... to get felt on the bottom :)


Tomorrow is a long day at work, doing a 8-4shift, which actually works out nicely since I have a mandatory meeting from 3:30-4:30p. I just have to make sure I don't get caught in morning traffic. Now that the floors are done, we can focus on getting baby room ready (which includes getting stuff out of it and into the living room). Also, we're going to be touching up the walls (since the part that was enclosed from the lanai was painted with a flat white instead of glossy white like the rest of the walls--then they touched up other parts of the glossy wall with the flat paint-lol). The baby room has lots to be done... not just cleaning out (the living room furniture), but cleaning cleaning it out... as well as putting up the curtains and getting a dresser for the closet. Then we can worry about putting the crib together. :)

Got some footage of Zeke moving around...sorry, I'm always recording stuff while I'm watching something-this time it's James Bond (Octopussy). Watching old school bond

Well enjoy. Off to get ready for bed! night night.

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