19 June 2009

broke da mouth...

and not in the "good food" kind.

I had my appt today with the endodontist today. It was supposed to be them looking at my tooth and fixing it, most likely ending in a root canal. I got there, and when they took the xray the dr was amazed. My infection or whatever it is, is ginormous. The dr said it's the biggest he's seen in a while. He actually thinks it's a cyst, but either way, it has to be looked at and diagnosed by an oral surgeon. The black stuff under the tooth is bad.

So I had to drive back to Hickam where they looked at the xray and all... and referred me to an oral surgeon. Unfortunately that appt is July 1st. I should not have waited so long to agree to the xray. In the meantime... I have to keep an eye on the swelling (my jaw is slightly swollen) to make sure it doesn't spread, and check for fever (indication of infection). On the plus side, if it's a cyst, it's most likely not going to affect baby. And apparently this one tooth is beyond repair and will be taken out completely. I guess it's good that I mentally wanted to have my tooth pulled instead of a root canal. LOL. O well.

Alright. I'm pooped. I need a small kine nap before I do my hw...that's due tonight. Bad Brenda.

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