08 June 2009


Well, this whole flooring thing has turned into quite an adventure. It was supposed to be a one day job, and a savings since it was half the cost of labor as potentially could have been if we had the NEX installers do it. However, some issues came up, and we're stretching into the third day of the project-but they can't come today because one is sick, so they're aiming for Wed.

Here's the dealio. Saturday was the first day. In hindsight dangerous since neither Marcus nor I would be there in the AM to help them...fortunately Marcus's mom let them in. First problem: the preexisting wood laminate on the lania didn't match up with the type of material we had purchased (no easy way to connect them, without using a transition). Since they couldn't get a hold of me or Marcus, (hindsight mistake #2, give them my work number) they went ahead and ripped out the lanai laminate and just covered the whole floor with the same material.

Second problem: our floors are not even. Between the lanai transitioning to the living room is a dip, so to try and even it out, they used double padding (instead of wood or something to build it up and make even)...so although the floor is relatively level, you walk across it and it's squishy and the boards bend a little. Hopfully just a cosmetic issue and not something that could get destroyed later. Because of this, they were going to run out of material (the original measurements didn't include doing the lanai), so fortunately we were able to order more laminate and padding from American Carpet to be picked up Saturday after work. Quarter rounds wouldn't be available until Wed, but since they were going to come back Sunday to finish, no time, so we'd just get quarter rounds from Lowe's or Home Depot.

Sunday comes and goes (poor Marcus had to stay home from church, wasn't able to play worship :/--since I worked) and they had to leave a little early because Uncle Noel's son was graduating. They weren't able to finish, were going to come back this morning. I told Marcus to go ahead and go out and do whatevers, and I'll stay home today (since his day off yesterday was shot)... but I guess one is not feeling very well, and they're going to come back Wednesday. Problematic-Marcus and I both work that day. I tried to call Uncle Resty to see if they could come on Tuesday and to ask about quarter rounds (if they wanted me to try and get it, and how much), but no answer.

Alas... this 'one day' project will hopefully be done very very soon (before Saturday and birthday dinner)...

Alright. Since I'm free this morning, off to go to water aerobics and then Mari's house for Tricia's wedding favors...

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sgrissom.blogspot.com said...

Aren't Life Lessons fun. Remark: all DIY projects take longer than expected and cost more than expected, but a lot of experience can be gained. gggg