27 June 2009


Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted some pictures of the belly. Since I was uploading some pics from my mini-promotion ceremony this morning, I thought I'd go ahead and get them on blogger. :)

Today marked my official "date of rank" as a first lieutenant in the AF. To celebrate people usually (but don't have to), go through this thing of redoing the officer oath and having family/friends "pin on" their new rank. I opted for a sunrise event, at the same beach Marcus and I got married at, and I got baptized at-Kahala Beach. Capt Brian Herman did my oath, a former instructor from my AFROTC detachment.

Repeating the oath...

Super supportive and silent cheerleader hubby :)

For some belly shots... it's been a while... I think it's cause in my brain I'm so huge, I'm not sure I can get any bigger, or if anyone actually wants to see me that big :P

Sporting my new birthday dress before I head out for my day of fun... hanging out by the pool, massage and facial at the Hale Koa! 13 June- 35w5d

Off to dinner with Brian and his family- 25 June 37w3d

Attack of the swollen-ness :) After dinner that night.
That's it for now. I think I'm about ready to take a little nap a roo :)

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