06 June 2009


Good morning!

Amazingly, to make up for sleeping in incredibly late yesterday (woke up at 530, have to be at work at 6, work is like 20min away) I had to make sure I was up in order to get to Leonard's Bakery (opens at 530) to get malasadas for the team. Now, what's so interesting is not really the fact that I was out of bed at 430ish (although that's a good feat), but the treadmill is blocking the kitchen (today is new flooring day, everything out of living room except couch) so I can't get into the kitchen. Slightly annoying, but necessary. Anyway. I'm amazed because I realized I spend most of my morning time in the kitchen! Now that it's blocked, it's 5 am and I'm ready for work. Going to leave soon, once the pics upload, but thought I could make a post. :)

Before pics, looking towards door. They'll be working up to the couch, then move the couch to the other side...

Hallway...10' board can't be moved into bedroom... I should have taken a pic of the treadmill blocking the kitchen :D

From the front door looking at the room-so excited to say goodbye to carpet!


Praise Report: I was freaking out about my HW (taking one online master's class at Wayland Baptist), because I thought in my head and in my calendar that it was due on Saturday, but when I checked it Thursday evening, it was due on Friday. Part of the reason late yesterday to work was because I was up doing my hw...and was able to finish it yesterday at Mariko's house after work. Coolness- I got all 10pts for my discussion board posts! I was super stoked! Now a new week ahead, and I can start reading (after today)...and my DB posts can be better, and maybe even start looking ahead at the big projects.

Speaking of today: the flooring will get started in the morning (Uncle Resty and Noel will be over, and Mom-in-law will be letting them in). Yesterday we went go pick up materials (as scheduled and told to them) at 230pm, but apparently the driver hadn't returned with some of our stuff (the transitions and quarter rounds-final touches for flooring). So we waited around for a little bit only for them to not be able to get a hold of the driver... so finally at 330ish Uncle Resty asks them to deliver it to our place tomorrow. I was so mad. Really, pickup was any time today between 8 and 430, how you gonna not have the whole order ready until after 330?!?! Pregnant lady was mad and frustrated. Good thing Uncle Resty was around.

Off to get malasadas and then to work! Alohas and God bless!

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