18 July 2009

he's here!

Just a short note, in case you didn't hear, or perhaps couldn't assume with the lack of posts... Ezekiel Hanohanokeakua Arincorayan was born on July 12 at 1732. 7lb 10oz, 18in long. He now has his own blog at www.ezekiel712.blogspot.com which I'll update with pics of him... I'll be keeping this one for mommy. :)

Eventually I'll make a post with the labor story and all that good stuff.

For now...quick updates...Had an incident with my mouth yesterday, fortunately was already at Tripler so stopped by Oral Surgery and there was a pool of old blood and they had to drain it (open me up again... back to soreness). They also gave me some antibiotics.

My mom has been a huge help, although I'm not taking enough advantage. I called the clinic yesterday because my feet were ridiculously swollen... she asked if I was resting with my feet propped up. Not really.

It doesn't help we spent like 3hrs in the peds (pediatrics) clinic on Thursday because when we went for our 'day after discharge' appt on Wed baby had lost 12% of his weight since birth (he was down to 6lb10oz) so we had to start supplementing and come back on Thursday for another weigh in (we were also waiting for my milk to come in). So Thurs we check in at 1305 (late but appt at 1300) and finally by 1340 I asked the dude what was up since we had our carseat appt at 1400 and I thought an hour before was plenty of time to get this weigh in figured out. Apparently it wasn't in the system or something... so they finally saw us and the carseat lady was super patient (Carol). Zeke packed it on and was up 6oz in 24hrs (apparently very impressive)...and we were still waiting for milk to come in... However they were concerned about jaundice. They were on Wed and they asked if Marcus and I thought he was yellow, we said no-but he was an asian baby. They did this little test and it was like 12 (a good low number). They wanted to test again on Thurs but it wasn't really working and finally it said 16 - which meant that the machine was unreliable and blood test needed to be done. So he got pricked and we waited. Marcus went with Carol to do the carseat inspection (he passed with flying colors! She was amazed that nothing was wrong with the install of the carseat :P that's my hubby!) and baby and I waited. We finally got results back around 1615 saying that his number was like 13 something and he was fine. We just needed him to poop and pee more to make sure his system was clearing out.

So Friday when I called and asked about my feet and resting, I laughed. Mostly because when I called I was at Tripler (for the 5th day in a row since going into labor).... to get baby into Deers and Tricare and all that goodness. Then my mouth thing happened and headed down into Oral Surgery (see above). *sigh* what a week yeah?

Back to baby... he still hasn't pooped in almost two days, which according to my Baby 411 book from Joy that's ok. We'll just be concerned about what the texture is when it comes out. I think if he doesn't poop soon, we'll be making a call to peds. Altho I'm not sure what they'll do to him. We've stopped the formula supplementation since the milk has arrived (oddly enough-although thankfully? without engorgement). Now I'm into the adventure of trying to pump... boo.

Well that ended up being much longer than expected. But I guess it's good. Life's not super easy, but it could be much worse. He's healthy (minus being clogged and slightly yellow) and he's adorable. Even some of his cries are cute (they sound so dramatic)...and right now he's snoring... just like his daddy :P Who by the way is amazing! Marcus is doing so well, considering you know how most dads aren't totally into their babies until they can interact with them-he's so good...

Alrighty. Time to rest :) Baby will want to eat soon...

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