09 July 2009

News...baby and tooth

Well I finally had my 39 week appt today. Baby's heartrate was 150, fondal height 37cm... she asked me if I was having contractions and I said yes. Because last night (while watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), I realized that I had been having contractions I just didn't realize it. Anyway. then she asked if I wanted a cervix exam (check for dilation) and possible membrane striping. I wasn't sure about it because I've realized this baby will come whenever God wants him to come, and I'm not I was ready to hear, "you are not dialated at all" if that was the case.

Figured I had nothing to lose, so she checked me and tagged me at 3cm dilation and 75% effaced. She went ahead and halfway stripped the membrane (if my body is ready for baby, it could help be the first domino to fall in the labor process). That was relatively exciting. He is still a little high (-3, he needs to be at 3 for birth), but he can move down relatively quickly. Anyway. It's hard to say when he'll come just by those numbers, we pretty much need to wait for consistent contractions and/or water to break. But that's exciting. I'm having contractions. :D

Tooth news. I didn't eat today until about 2pm (woke up at 9), not the greatest idea. I did have some chocolate milk this morning so I could take a vitamin and some tylenol (regular - not tylenol 3 aka codeine). But God's healing is soo evident because the pain today is not nearly as bad as it was yesterday! Hardly any sharp pain and most pain is from moving my face around (I am swollen tho... not sure if you can tell by pics) hard to smile. When I did eat I couldn't take it and really wanted gyudon (it's like soft beef sauteed in onions, not the healthiest but super good and delish) so I figured I could try make into a soup with the rice...needless to say when I got home I didn't need to and could eat (little bites). I actually ate a lot... but was very stoked I could eat something real! And it didn't cause much extra pain (I haven't taken another dose of tylenol since this morning). I was telling Sarah, I think this whole mouth thing was God's way of preparing me for labor. I didn't used to have a high pain tolerance, but with this mouth thing, I've really learned/been able to deal with it and go on. Something I'll need to be able to do during labor.
Trying to smile....
Regular face

More news... the oral surgeon called today, apparently they got a super quick turnaround on the pathology results from yesterday (they gave it to the pathologist as soon as the were done--I'd like to think it's because everyone is so fascinated by this case of a super pregnant lady with a giant cyst :P but anyway)... Apparently it's a benign tumor (not cancerous) called amelo blastoma. It's not that common, but my surgeon has seen a few in his career so it's not new to him. It means that to take care of it I'll need a few surgeries, one to take out the tumor as well as surrounding tissue from the jaw bone (taking out a hunk of jawbone), and then more surgeries to reconstruct my jawbone with some samples from my hip bone. Unfortunately these tend to recur (as the first time I've had this was in 03, altho not nearly as large or damaging). I have to meet with him again on Monday and we'll talk some more about the procedures. Fortunately we can afford to wait ~2months from now until after I've recovered from birth, however it does need to be taken care of relatively soon (I'm thinking work might not be happy with that news. They also might not be happy that recovery time is about 3-4weeks, because it's a series of surgeries) but this is all things we'll be talking about on Monday. My tumor is about 6cm in size which in comparison to my jaw is large...

But I am grateful it's not cancerous and that my surgeon has had a lot of experience with this kind of tumor and he's done lots of reconstructive surgery (however, taking bone from my hip into my face seems a little weird). He also says that I won't be disfigured...and I'm glad that it's something we can wait a little bit (a few weeks after baby) before getting me up on the cutting table.

That's about it for now. Just waiting for Kimmy to come over so we can walk over to Bubbies. Best of both worlds, getting some walking in to help with baby, while getting some ice cream to help cool down mouth :P

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