08 July 2009

Post Biopsy...

Hello all...(whomever you are)...

Well here I am, 4 hrs after the biopsy... they gave me lidocaine without the stuff that causes contractions (found in afrin) because they didn't want me giving birth in the dental chair. It also makes you bleed more so there was lots of blood. Anyway, they went in, saw the giant cyst-were amazed and scraped some out for samples and also to try and get as much out as they could...it hurt. They were getting close to the nerve that is near your jawbone...the surgeon was like, "this thing is really eating away at your jaw..." :P

So I'm in recovery. They gave me some codeine to help with pain, but I want to limit taking it. I'm nervous about going into labor with this much mouth pain, so prayerfully I can get used to this pain as much as I could before...so that when labor comes (hopefully sooner than later), it's easier to focus on that. Fortunately they put me on quarters for the next three days, so I don't to go to work tomorrow (mostly because codeine makes you drowsy and they want me to take it)...Gives me a chance to rest. I also need to ice my mouth, 20min on, 20min off.

Tomorrow is also my midwife appt. My walk-in to labor and delivery didn't go well at all, and she scheduled me an appt tomorrow...made me so mad. But that's another story, and might as well just let it go already. Zeke will come when God wants him to come, regardless of my appts or not. I just read a devotional last night, and it was sooo perfect since I wanted to have the baby within the next 36hrs... It was from Prov 3:6 "in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight." And it really emphasized (to me), in ALL my ways acknowledging (submitting/surrendering to) him and made me remember that this whole thing isn't about me or what I want, but about trusting God's timing and his will and his way. Also was a good reminder about Sarah's c-section. Really giving up our own desires and trusting what he has planned for us.

That's it for now. Hopefully Z makes his appearance soon, I'm very excited to meet him. :D

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