21 July 2009

what to write...

Seemingly this blog will be used for me... however, I've realized my life sort of revolves around baby now. I don't know what the huge difference will be between Zeke's blog and mine, but whatevers. Not like the world will end if I don't figure it out.

Update-he pooped!! We went in for our appt today to followup after having to supplement, still slowly gaining weight (good news), and urine is starting to get lighter. But still hadn't pooped. The doc did a nice little "exam" and "prodded" and was able to get some out. He instructed us that we had to do it at home if he didn't poop again... he hadn't pooped by 6pm this evening, and since he was falling asleep at the wheel (a constant problem with him-only while breastfeeding, not while drinking from the bottle)... I went ahead and suggested dad do some prodding. After almost giving up he did one last try and BAM hit the motherload. Quite the mess, but man I haven't been so happy about a dirty diaper. Prayerfully he becomes regular and this can help clean out his system (reduce jaundice) and he becomes more alert and NOT falling asleep while feeding...

Unfortunately you would think the best answer would be, "well pump everything so he can eat from the bottle and stay awake." That would be a perfect plan, if I could pump ANYTHING OUT. Granted, I haven't had a full day where I've been able to stay at home and with my pump so I can try after every feeding... but still... it takes me forever to try and get like an ounce. From both sides. It's really frustrating. I know he gets enough milk because when he sleeps and opens his mouth, he has milk he hasn't swallowed yet, so it's not like I'm not producing. I just... I dunno.

So I think I'll call a lactation consultant tomorrow (got a number from Amy Elies) and ask about possibly renting a hospital pump... wondering if the issue is with my pump...boo. I also asked Lei if she still had hers and maybe I could test it out. Medela has different size cups... I might need to change the size. Anyway. It's nice that tomorrow we have no appts. It's good. I can sleep, feed baby, pump, and DO HOMEWORK! Holy smokes I gotta do hw. Fortunately nothing was due last week... but stuff is due this week. *sigh* I thought I needed something to keep me busy after baby was born...little did I know...

Consider Jn 9:1-7... A blind man is presented before Jesus and the disciples ask why he was blind, if it was because of his sin or his parents' sin... Jesus responds, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life..."

This is me stepping out in crazy faith. By the time the oral surgeons go into me in October... my tumor will be completely dissolved and my jawbone will be completely restored. Why... so that the work of God might be displayed in my life.

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