17 August 2009

CT scan

Well today (Monday) was the first step towards surgery prep. I had my CT scan so they can send it to Walter Reed and have a mold of my jaw made (In order to prepare the titanium bar for my jaw).

It wasn't the most pleasant experience. Starting with fasting (food AND water) for four hours. The water killed me. I was so stinkin thirsty. Then I left my book in the car. Putting the needle in wasn't too bad, but when they put the contrast in, it was not enjoyable. Tasted like isopropyl alcohol in my mouth, then that "warming sensation" she warned me about, saying it would feel like I peed my pants, more like felt like my skin was burning! My left arm was on top of my body and where there was contact, HOLY SMOKES. I was just, "I don't want to go to hell, it's a billion times worse than this." All I could focus on was, "Jesus, Jesus" in my head. I figured he went through a lot worse I could get through this. Fortunately it didn't take very long and I was still (unlike when they did the practice), But still.

I left the baby at home with mother in law and a passed out marcus (he worked a mid). So after my appt I headed to Target, and then Sams club. It's amazing running errands without a baby. PLUS I cannot breastfeed for at least 24 hours after getting a CT scan. It's the contrast stuff they put in you, don't want baby taking it in. So I have to pump and dump. Lame. Actually sad is more like it. Seeing this liquid gold...and I'll have to throw it away. :( Anyway, not having a committment to bf the baby, or pumping to preserve milk, made it kind of carefree. Minus having to throw it away (I'm almost up to 3oz so far.)

I can't wait to have a regular stomach. I have this flap of skin/fat that hangs over my waist. UGH. It makes shopping for bottoms, not enjoyable as my body is this weird shape. I'm going to be starting P90 next week (I think). I'm excited. Or I might ease into it until Sarah and I can do it together. But still. It's a workout regime that's pretty easy to follow (relatively-minus the pain). Still.

Alrighty, time to freeze the good milk from earlier today and yesterday, and then head to bed. I went to bed last night around 1045, and I still slept til 9. :/ Wondering if I needed some rest...

Oh, in a God humor sort of way, my supplemental nursing system came in the mail today. LOL. O well. I can try it out tomorrow. :D


natalie said...

Keep me posted on the jaw stuff, not fun, but let me know if you need anything! (Not sure what I can do so far away, but dang it...I'll do it!)

Tina said...

Hi, you posted on my blog about ameloblastoma, and I was hoping I could follow your blog too. :)