01 August 2009

little steps...

Well, I'm stoked to say that yesterday we went the WHOLE day without a bottle! I was able to stay home with baby and we got to BF the whole time. Well, we did go out in the evening to the One Love Couples Retreat, but even then I felt comfortable BFing Zeke because I had asked Waxer about it earlier. I just snuck out to Cindy's office... but he actually slept through most of it last night, and this morning was more the hourly cluster feedings. Hopefully I can keep this trend up, and tomorrow I can spend some time pumping more. I also pumped .5 oz out yesterday and just froze what I had gathered over the past couple days (2.5 oz). Not a whole lot, but I was tired of not being able to finish it (the goal was 4oz) but I also didn't want the milk to go bad.

I am a little concerned that he might not be gaining a ton of weight, but we'll see what the doctors say. His next appt is 13 Aug, and I'm not sure how long we'll be able to keep up the exclusive BF regime.

Had a scheduling glitch at work. I thought my maternity leave would go until 31 Aug (I accidently added a week) so it ends 25 Aug. Then I requested 3 or 4 weeks on top of it, but it skips a week because of that gap. Tonight I have to try and figure out scheduling and how much leave I have to take, I might have to go back to work for a weekend just so I can save some leave, and then go back on leave. I'm not sure. We gotta figure something out since my mom needs to know when she needs to be out here to pick up the baby sitting job. Plus it appears there might be two EPRs due around that time... and then the first surgery is scheduled in October. Something else I have to coordinate with my boss... since that's about 4weeks of convalescent leave. Although if the Lord answers our prayers of complete healing by the surgery, I suppose my recovery time would be much less :) It would just be required so I could heal from them going in and checking it out... No matter what though, I'm confident the Lord will provide. He'll work something out.

Time to grab baby and go for a mommy & baby nap before Natasha's thing tonight...

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