11 August 2009

Lots to comment on...

Well. Where shall I start?

How about this.
Yesterday was my lactation appt (and Amy was right, Joanne was amazing). Good news, baby weighed 7lb 15oz! (a great 7oz gain in 6days). The bad news, when he ate, he only took in .5 oz from me. Translation-I am not a dairy cow, and must keep supplementing.

Today was my first pre-op appointment to prepare for my October surgery. Tentatively scheduled for 13 Oct (as long as things go along). Apparently I was mistaken about my impression for after the surgery. I was thinking it was a same day kind of thing, you know-like your wisdom teeth. Go in, get knocked out, come home with codeine. Not so much. More like, go in, stay in the hospital for at least 2-3 days. For pain control the first few days I have this like morphine drip that I push a button and it gives me more medicine so I don't have to keep bothering the nurses. *sigh* I wasn't expecting that at all. My first question was, "Can my baby come visit me?" he said probably not the first couple days (because of different wards I'll be in) but once I go to the normal recovering one, (forget what it's called) then he can come visit me.

My next thing is to get a CT scan so they can send it to Walter Reed and get a mold of my jawbone, to help form the titanium piece that will go into my jaw. Then another appt early September.

That's all I can think of for now, I'm tired and daddy is feeding baby and I'm gonna go brush the teeth and sleep.

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