06 August 2009

Power Pump!

So... a quickie before he wakes up and it's time to feed... so much for the mini power nap.

I was looking through my texts and saw one from Jessamy, and was thinking I should say hi. But I didn't. I put the phone down, and literally-not exaggerating, she calls me within 5 seconds. We start talking about baby and the bf issue... and her friend Dawnita (that I stayed with last summer before camp) is a lactation nurse! And they were together- so she talked with me, and gave me some encouragement, and told me to powerpump. Meaning, every hour on the hour (or after baby feeds), pump for 10min. Med suction is fine, lower speed setting... and this stimulates baby going through a growth spurt, and tomorrow I should start seeing an improvement with my milk supply. I was soo blessed! Not a coincidence, but a God-incident! He totally provided someone I knew to encourage me and help me. She said I the SNS was a great idea (helping me and helping him)...

That's my praise report for today. Plus the fact I got like 4hrs of sleep last night, and so far (been up 5hrs), doing ok... God has totally sustained me! A little cranky towards hubby, but I know after this feeding, we'll be taking a nap together!

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