03 August 2009


I had an adventure this morning... I thought I'd try on some old clothes of mine.
I laughed at the 10s. So I tried the 12, they were baggy beforehand... it would have been great muffintop if I were them out. Then I tried the 13 jean shorts... not even close.

I almost got frustrated and disheartened, until I had to take a breath and realize... it's only been 3 weeks since he was born. Three weeks ago I was 207... now I'm 187. I can't complain too much right, 20lbs in 3 weeks?

Yesterday Marcus rode the bike a little while I pushed the jogging stroller. We did over 2.5miles in about 45minutes. I tested the waters and did 3-60sec jogs in the middle... Marcus asked how I felt, I responded, "like a fat kid." *sigh* Slowly... I'll be able to run longer than 60sec at a ridiculous pace. Slowly I'll gain my old body back (I hope!).

The good thing is that Marcus proposed an eating challenge. When his mom had a bad infection in her mouth she stopped eating sweets and processed foods, and stuck with protein, fruits, veggies and whole grains. (sounds like a diet right?) so I'm trying to stick with it... it's difficult...especially since I wanted my proteins to be beans and grilled meat-but that doesn't always work out. I just figure that limiting sweets is a good step, and an effort to do something else besides pray for healing. Until October when they go into my mouth, and prayerfully they see the tumor completely gone, and my bone fully restored.

Gotta try pump a little more before baby wakes up... then chores. Thankfully the MIL helped and did the whites and colors for us today. :) Marcus goes back to work tomorrow... sadness. I still need to figure out the leave thing...and respond to my boss...

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